What to Expect When Working with a Corporate Video Production Company
12 June 2023 Video production tips and best practices

Working with Corporate Video Production: What to Expect

Unravel the rewarding journey of working with a corporate video production company and elevate your brand's storytelling like never before.

So, you've decided to step up your company's game with the help of a professional video production company. That's fantastic! As an effective marketing tool, corporate videos can truly elevate your business' visibility and credibility in today's digital era. It's a brave move, and we're here to help you understand the journey that lies ahead. Let's get started!

The Initial Consultation

First things first, the initial meet-and-greet. In this preliminary meeting, the video company will likely want to discuss your goals, preferences, and target audience. You'll go over your company's vision and mission, your brand's personality, and the kind of story you want your video to tell.

Don't worry if you're not quite sure what you're looking for yet. These professionals are experts at drawing out the core messages and unique selling points of your business. They'll ask probing questions and help you clarify your objectives. This session will lay the foundation for your project.

Concept Development and Scriptwriting

Once the corporate video production company understands your vision, they'll put their creative caps on. They'll brainstorm concepts and devise a storyline that encapsulates your brand’s ethos while being engaging to your audience. Your video isn’t just a pretty picture; it's an extension of your brand's identity.

Expect a collaborative approach during this stage. The team may come up with multiple ideas and present them to you for your approval. Give your feedback honestly, as it will help them refine the concept until it aligns perfectly with your vision.

When it comes to the script, remember this is your company's voice speaking. Make sure it resonates with your brand's tone and audience.

Pre-production and Planning

The pre-production stage involves all the necessary groundwork before actual filming begins. This includes finalizing the script, storyboarding, scheduling, and scouting locations. Depending on your video, this might also include casting talent and arranging wardrobe or props.

Rest assured, the production company will handle these logistics. However, they will still require your input, especially when it comes to understanding your company's working environment and any potential constraints.

Production Stage: Lights, Camera, Action!

This is the exciting part! You'll finally see your vision come to life as the team begins shooting. During the production stage, the crew will capture all the necessary footage, guided by the storyboard and script. You may see a plethora of equipment, such as cameras, lighting setups, and sound equipment.

It's important to keep communication lines open during this stage. The director will ensure every shot aligns with your vision, and you'll have the chance to witness the process. So, make the most of it!

Post-Production and Revisions

After the footage is captured, it's time for post-production. This stage involves editing the footage, adding music, sound effects, and other elements to enhance the viewer's experience. It's like piecing together a puzzle to form a compelling story.

Once the initial cut is ready, it's your turn to provide feedback. Watch it multiple times, noting down what you love and any areas you feel need improvement. Remember, constructive criticism is key here. It's normal for there to be a few rounds of revisions until you're 100% happy with the result.

Video Distribution and Marketing

After you've approved the final cut, it's time to release your video to the world. A crucial part of this process is determining the optimal channels for distribution. Whether it's social media platforms, your company's website, or email newsletters, the video company can guide you on the best practices for video marketing. They'll help you maximize visibility and engagement, ensuring your video reaches your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Working with a professional video production company can be a rewarding experience. The process might seem daunting at first, but remember, you're in the hands of experts. They'll guide you through each stage, always working to ensure your vision is realized. It's a collaborative journey that blends your insights about your brand with their technical expertise and creative skills.

By understanding what to expect, you can ensure a smooth process and a successful outcome. So, gear up for an exciting journey. You're about to create a corporate video that reflects the heart and soul of your company, resonating with your audience like never before. Here's to making great video content!

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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