10 things explainer videos can do for your non-profit
6 January 2023 Video production tips and best practices

10 Things an Explainer Video Company Can Do for Non-profits

Discover the transformative power of explainer videos for non-profits. Boost awareness, clarify your mission, and amplify fundraising efforts.

As someone involved in a non-profit, you know how critical it is to effectively communicate your message. Visual storytelling, particularly through explainer videos, can do wonders in engaging your audience, making them understand your cause, and motivating them to take action. Here are ten incredible things an explainer video company can do for your non-profit, all without touching on the specifics of certain video styles.

Clarify Your Mission and Vision

First things first, a skilled explainer video company can help distill your mission and vision into a digestible, captivating short video. They can weave together elements of sight and sound to present your non-profit's core values, aims, and the impact you're making.

Craft a Compelling Story

Storytelling is an art that explainer video companies excel at. They can create compelling narratives that speak to your audience’s heart. Rather than presenting cold facts or overwhelming statistics, they'll bring stories of people whose lives are touched by your work. It's these human elements that can stir empathy and motivate action.

Improve Brand Awareness

Explainer videos can be a remarkable tool to boost your non-profit’s visibility. The video company will ensure your brand's elements - your logo, color scheme, and unique tone - are consistently represented throughout the video. This strengthens your brand identity and makes your non-profit more recognizable to your audience.

Simplify Complex Concepts

If your non-profit deals with complex issues like climate change, human rights, or scientific research, an explainer video can simplify these topics, making them easier for everyone to understand. The company can use metaphors, infographics, and narrative techniques to break down these complex concepts.

Inspire and Motivate

One of the main goals of a non-profit is to inspire and motivate people to contribute to your cause. Explainer video companies have the expertise to create videos that stir emotions and provoke action. The combination of visual cues, stirring narratives, and a well-crafted call-to-action can create a powerful appeal.

Create Shareable Content

An engaging explainer video isn't just meant to be watched—it's meant to be shared. Video companies know how to craft content that people will want to pass along to others, increasing the reach of your message exponentially. They'll consider the elements that make a video viral, and incorporate those into your explainer video.

Capture Your Audience's Attention

With the overwhelming amount of content out there, grabbing and holding your audience's attention is more challenging than ever. Explainer video companies know how to create content that stands out. They’ll incorporate surprising elements, use humor, or create suspense to keep viewers hooked from beginning to end.

Enhance Online Presence

With an increasing number of people accessing information online, having a strong digital presence is essential. A high-quality explainer video can enhance your non-profit's online presence by increasing website traffic, improving your SEO ranking, and boosting engagement on social media platforms.

Facilitate Fundraising Efforts

When it comes to fundraising, a well-made explainer video can be your best friend. The company can create a compelling video that illustrates why your cause is worth supporting, the impact of donations, and how people can contribute. This provides a powerful tool for your fundraising campaigns.

Provide Measurable Results

Explainer video companies don't just create the video and then wash their hands of it—they can help you track its performance. By analyzing views, shares, likes, comments, and the amount of traffic and donations generated, they can provide valuable insights that can guide your future strategies.

Engaging an explainer video company for your non-profit can revolutionize the way you connect with your audience, simplify complex topics, amplify your fundraising efforts, and measure the effectiveness of your strategies. They're not just a video production service, but a partner in your mission to make a difference in the world. So why not explore this avenue and see what a great explainer video can do for your non-profit? You might just be surprised by the power of visual storytelling.


Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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