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7 October 2020 Video inspo

3 Compelling Promotional Video Examples (And Why They Work!)

Gain an edge with creative promo videos. See our top 3 picks and key takeaways to outshine competitors.

With attention in the digital space hard fought (now more than ever before), a creative, well-produced promotional video can be what gives you the edge over your competition and allow you to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

What is a promotional video?

A promotional video covers a wide variety of video types. Typically they are known as something very transactional and sales-driven - videos with the intent to promote your products and services to customers.

Don't get me wrong, this is the objective of a lot of promotional videos, but promotional videos encompass more than that. They can also be focused more on brand awareness and building brand identity. For example, selling an aspiration or feeling, rather than a product.

A general rule of thumb to craft a promotional video that resonates with your audience, is that you should focus on more than just the product. It should look at the problem, the solution, the experience, or the larger vision, without making the sales aspect so overt.

For example, videos that celebrate a brands achievements or tells the brand story are essentially promotional videos. They're communicating information about the brand without directly asking you to buy something.

Types of Promotional Videos

There are loads of options when it comes to the types of promotional videos you can create.

 And more!

To inspire you, here are 3 awesome promotional videos created by our team:

1. Europa - Showfreight Division

Europa Worldwide Group is an international logistics company, with 4 specialist divisions, Road, Air & Sea, Showfreight and Warehouse.

As part of our wider work with them, we were tasked with creating an animated promotional video for their Showfreight division.

Why it works:

Europa are all about making the complex, simple. And this is exactly what this animation does.

This video is so effective as it works to a simple problem-solution structure. It takes you on the journey of your exhibition stand being transported to the venue, which can sometimes be on the other side of the world, and illustrates how they make this process easier and handle all the logistics. 

The beauty of this service is that it solves a very specific and genuine problem for businesses — the difficulty of getting their exhibition stand to different venues across the world. The solution is Europa's logistics service, which takes care of it for you.

The video makes an irresistible offer of both taking the stress off your hands and offering a money-back guarantee. By the end of the video, they've built up faith in their service so you know that they can get the job done. 


High street bank Natwest had a great new app — they just needed to spread the word.

Venture was tasked with creating the centrepiece of the launch — a punchy promotional video that had a clear message and kept viewers engaged.

Why it works:

The recipe for any attention-grabbing video is pace and music. This video has both; fast-paced editing and animation enhanced by the music.

This is a great example where app screen grabs, which could easily be quite unengaging, are transformed into something interesting and eye-catching through the use of animation, typography and colour treatment. The video visualises complex concepts, and distils it into something that's simple and easy to understand, yet also visually amazing.

3. aeg

When German electrical experts AEG had new lights to add to their larger range of tools, they came to Venture to create a promotional video that showcased the key features.

Why it works:

This promo uses live-action and carefully selected locations to create a dynamic and atmospheric film. It not only makes the tools look ah-mazing, but also shows the product being used in a realistic and familiar scenario, which creates a personal connection to the target audience.

This live-action is also paired with kinetic typography — a technique that uses animated text to give a little more information about the product's key features, without overwhelming the viewer or distracting from the product itself.  

And it's set to a music track with tonnes of attitude, which is a great way to pace the video and keep it not only visually, but sonically engaging. 


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