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28 September 2020 Video inspo

3 Awesome Customer Testimonial Video Examples

Showcase customer success with video testimonials. Learn from these 3 examples for your business.

If your prospects are on the verge of buying your product or service, how do you get them to jump over the final hurdle and become your customer?

One of the most powerful ways is with a customer testimonial video

In order to convert, they will want to know that what they're about to purchase is great. They don't, however, want to hear it from you (sorry) as you're naturally biased. Instead, they want to hear it from their peers. And this is where customer testimonial videos come in.

With video testimonials you can showcase a successful customer experience whilst highlighting the value of your product or service: it's an extra nudge to help your leads make a decision.

Here are 3 awesome customer testimonial videos created by our team:

1. Stihl - Aborist & Forester

We LOVED filming this one!

Stihl is a German handheld power equipment manufacturer.

Our team produced a dynamic video telling the story of one of their customers, an aborist and forester, using their equipment and talking about why he trusts and trusts their brand.

Why it works:

Customer testimonials need to tell a story.

This video focuses on telling this customers story of becoming an aborist, what it involves and why he loves his job. The video uses quite dramatic shots of him using the tools in a beautiful natural setting and pairs this with emotive voiceover talking about the importance of safety in his job.

It is not until over 2 minutes into the video that he starts talking about the product. This builds a story and creates a genuine and honest testimonial.

This also video serves a dual purpose of endorsing the brand through the customers story and relationship with Stihl, but also endorsing the product through visually showing the tools in action. 

2. Box - Eurostar

Box is a world famous content management, workflow and collaboration tool.

Venture was commissioned to create a customer testimonial video about their client, Eurostar, and communicate the transformation that the Box product offering has had to their business.

Why it works:

A great customer testimonial sells the benefits, not the features.

This customer testimonial shows how Box can work for a large-scale, global business. It puts into context how it can be used in different working environments and be flexible to what your business needs. 

Box doesn't just sell a content management platform, but an opportunity for businesses to be more efficient in the way they work.

3. PKF - ABL

PKF is a global network of accountancy firms.

Venture produced a video of how PKF helped ABL, a manufacturing company, connect two sides of their business. Combining filming with animation to showcase the tools functionality and impact.

Why it works:

It has a "problem - solution" structure.

This customer testimonial video clearly lays out the problem ABL had with their current system and how Dynamics 365 solved this for them. This is an extremely effective way of showing your audience how your product or service could work for them and solve their problems. 

The incorporation of animation is a subtle way of showcasing your features, without make it a feature-led video and moving away from the benefits of your product or service.


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