5 Excellent 30 Second Explainer Video Examples
25 April 2019 Video inspo

5 Excellent 30 Second Explainer Video Examples

To prove what's possible in short timescales, we've developed a list of 5 explainer videos that deliver their message effectively in just 30 seconds.

Cutting through the clutter online has never been more challenging for marketers. As media continues to grow more complex, the competition for an audience's attention has become all too real.

These days a brand must deliver its message very succinctly in order to succeed. This issue is compounded by increasingly short advertising formats on social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

To help prove what's possible in short timescales we have developed a list of six explainer videos that deliver their message effectively in just 30 seconds. These examples should provide you with plenty of inspiration!

1. Instapay 



This explainer for Instapay is a great example of how you can fit a lot of information into a short amount of time. The explainer immediately identifies the problem audience faces, as well as directly addressing their target audience.

The video explains exactly what the process is step by step and gives a lot of information in just 30 seconds! They could have over complicated this by going into depth about how their company operates, or details about cost and time, but instead, they keep to the basics and answer the core questions. This shows that no matter your explainer video length, you can still pack in a lot of info.

The explainer ends with a clear call to action with a good deal included too, leading the audience to want to find out more and get a more in-depth view of the company.

2. Werlabs Medical 



Werlabs show how their application works in a simple way in this 30 second explainer video. They cover all the key aspects of the service and give the audience a clear idea of what they need to do next to use the service.

The simple style of this explainer video means that they communicate a somewhat complex idea (collecting blood samples at home) in a very quick way without skipping anything important.

The voice over here is also very important - they've gone for more of a relaxed tone, with the voice actor speaking as if they have tried the service (and maybe they have!), which helps put the audience's mind at rest if they are under the impression that getting blood taken for these tests is painful or complicated.

When you are thinking of explainer video ideas, it's important to be aware of what might make your audience unsure of your prod'uct or service and then make sure these questions are answered. Although you might not be taking blood with a �scary� needle, you may have other pain points which can be quickly and easily covered in a 30 second explainer video.

3. Asset Financial Services 



Although this explainer for Asset Financial Services doesn't use characters, they still add that human touch by including hands interacting with stylised icons.

Despite the explainer video's length it quickly identifies their 3 core audiences (people planning to retire, homeowners and those who do their own taxes), and offers a helpful solution to their problems.

The simple style of the video makes the complex topic of finance easy to access for everyone, which is important to think about during explainer video production. If your audience isn't familiar with the complex ideas that your service aims to make easier, going into too much detail could confuse them and deter them from using your service.

4. Trace Solutions 



In this explainer for Trace Solutions, they identify a variety of problems their audience faces from the very beginning. They then go on to offer multiple solutions.

This is definitely one of those videos where you can't believe its only 30 seconds because it gets so much information across, but in a way which is easy to understand and follow.

If you're looking to get an explainer video, don't be afraid of working to a shorter time frame. If done well, explainer video length won't matter and your brand's story will still come across. If the explainer also includes an effective call to action and next steps for your viewer, they know exactly where and how they can get more information if they still have questions after your 30 second video.


MYBOOKIE are a betting app designed for those who want to experience the thrill of betting in Vegas, with Vegas odds, but can't actually be there. This explainer draws the audience in with a topic they know and love - American Football, and after building hype, explain how you can feel the same hype of betting on the games without having to leave your sofa.

In 30 seconds the audience learns what the sport is, what the app provides and how they can get the app themselves. The use of images, video and text further supplements this and gives extra emphasis to the voice over.



You can achieve a lot in 30 seconds, don't you think? All the explainers above are excellent examples of how your brand can get across any key point in 30 seconds or less, with the help of strong visuals and an effective voice over.

At Skeleton, we pride ourselves on telling great stories with for a variety of brands. If you think we can help you with your next explainer video project, get in touch!

Written by Jess Percival Copywriter for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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