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8 September 2023 Video production tips and best practices

Metrics to Gauge the Success of an Explainer Video

Dive into vital metrics for evaluating explainer videos. From views to conversions, learn to gauge their impact on your marketing strategy

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, explainer videos stand as formidable giants, adept at distilling complex messages into easily digestible content. But creating this masterpiece is just one facet of the gem. How do you discern its brilliance? What metrics shed light on its efficacy? Let's embark on a journey into the metrics that genuinely count.


A cursory glance, yet profound in its implications:

  • Initial Reach: A soaring view count, especially in the early days post-release, can signal not just a meticulously executed promotional strategy, but also a topic that strikes a chord with your target demographic.

  • Trend Analysis: Observing the trajectory of views over time is critical. A consistent growth or even a stable plateau suggests sustained relevance, whereas a decline might necessitate revisiting content or promotional methods.

2. Watch Time & Retention Rates

Playing a video is one thing; holding attention is the real challenge:

  • Engagement Depth: An impressive average watch time isn’t just a nod to the video's captivating nature but an indication that viewers are genuinely consuming and, crucially, understanding the content you've presented.

  • Drop-off Points: By meticulously analysing the exact moments when viewers decide to leave, you can pinpoint potential content pitfalls, technical glitches, or pace issues that might need rectifying in future projects.

3. Click-through Rate (CTR)

Beyond just viewing – compelling action:

  • Action Indicators: A stellar CTR isn’t just a feather in your cap; it's a testament to the video's power in not just informing but inspiring viewers to embark on the next step of their journey.

  • Conversion Potential: By juxtaposing CTR with actual conversions, you can glean valuable insights into how seamless and effective your post-click sales funnel truly is.

4. Social Shares & Comments

Modern day word-of-mouth, digitised:

  • Shareability: An explosion in shares doesn't just mean viewers liked your content; it means they loved it enough to endorse it, transforming them into brand advocates.

  • Feedback Loop: The comment section, a treasure trove of raw, unfiltered feedback, becomes a goldmine for future content ideation, addressing queries, and even damage control if necessary.

5. Engagement Rate

Because passive viewing isn’t the endgame:

  • Active Interaction: Delving into metrics like thumbs-ups, thumbs-downs, and the often-overlooked replay counts can offer a panoramic view of the video’s reception.

  • Sentiment Analysis: For instance, a surge in dislikes might initially seem daunting, but it's a cue to delve deeper, uncovering potential missteps in content, tone, or even cultural sensitivities.

6. Conversion Rate

The metric that often makes or breaks marketing campaigns:

  • End Goal: Whether it's a flurry of sales, a surge in newsletter sign-ups, or any other desired action, the conversion rate crystallises your explainer video's tangible impact.

  • ROI Estimation: Balancing the scales of video production costs against conversions can provide a lucid picture of the video's profitability and return on investment.

7. Feedback from Target Audience

In the world of data, sometimes the human touch prevails:

  • Surveys & Questionnaires: A direct line to your audience, these tools can unveil granular insights, emotions, and perceptions that might elude even the most sophisticated metrics.

  • Focus Groups: A more immersive approach, focus groups can bring to the forefront subtle nuances in audience perceptions, potential misconceptions, and actionable areas for enhancement.

8. SEO Impact

Your explainer video, the unexpected SEO ally:

  • Bounce Rate: A riveting video can anchor visitors to your site, drastically reducing swift exits and thereby improving one of the critical metrics search engines consider: the bounce rate.

  • Backlinks: If your video becomes the talk of the digital town, getting featured on blogs, forums, or other online platforms, it can cultivate a rich garden of backlinks, giving your SEO efforts a hearty boost.

Wrapping up

Deciphering the success of an explainer video is akin to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, where raw metrics form the pieces, but the story they tell forms the complete picture. In the dynamic world of digital marketing, a robust grasp of these metrics ensures your explainer videos aren’t just seen but felt, remembered, and acted upon.

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Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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