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15 March 2022 Video production tips and best practices

7 examples of SAAS videos you should be making

As a Saas business, you need to not only win customers, but get those customers onboarded and keep them invested in your software. Video can help.

Why is video marketing important for saas?

As a Saas business, you need to not only win new customers, but get those customers onboarded effectively and keep them invested in your software.

96% of people use video to learn about complex products and services, with viewers able to retain 95% of a message through the medium compared to 10% in text. Businesses agree that these help increase user understanding, with almost half saying an explainer video reduced the number of product support calls to their company, and three-quarters of marketers finding video helps to raise brand awareness. (Making the case for video, p.5)

Video allows you to explain complex ideas simply and concisely, which is perfect for showing off your cutting-edge software services in succinct, engaging, and powerful ways. By embracing the power of Saas videos at every stage of your customer journey, you'll gain more engaged customers and reduce any pesky customer churn.

what types of videos should saas brands be making?

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Promo videos
  3. Customer story videos
  4. How-to videos
  5. Social videos
  6. Mission videos
  7. Webinars

1. Saas Product demo/explainer video

The best Saas product videos or explainer videos do exactly what they say on the tin. They explain what your product does and how it can help your customers. This is perfect for the beginning of your buyer's journey, where they're after more information on how to solve a specific problem they're facing. 

In my experience, software creators often get really passionate and focused on the complexities of the product specs (which is awesome!), but can forget to shout about the benefits to the end-user.  It's important to explain your product in an easy-to-digest way that focuses on the benefits it has for your target audience, without overwhelming them with the nitty-gritty. This is where you show how your software is the answer to that problem they're facing.

Need some inspiration? This Saas explainer video example from Slack is a great one:

2. Saas Promo videos

The best Saas promo videos show the world you've arrived! The purpose of this kind of video is to make your ideal customers aware of your software, so you want something eye-catching that leaves an impression.

We particularly like this mesmerizing 3D Animated one from The Microsoft Office App. It's hard to look away from. See how it showcases the app's features while giving something more interesting to look at than just screengrabs? *chef's kiss*

3. Saas Customer story videos

What better way to build trust and promote your software's benefits than by spotlighting the happy customers you have already? This is perfect for those who are interested in your software, but need that social proof to really buy in. 

Saas customer stories and testimonial videos are a really powerful way for Saas brands to showcase the positive impact their software is creating for their clients. 

Here's one from HubSpot spotlighting how their platform makes their customer's sales representatives' lives easier, simplifies processes, and allows them to focus on helping the customer. 


4. Saas How-to videos

Your saas customers love to see how your software is evolving, and it's an important part of keeping them onboard. Practical 'how-to' videos for saas brands help end users get the most out of your software while advertising all its powerful features and tools. They can also reduce time-consuming customer service calls. 

Take a leaf out of Adobe's 'Learn from the pros' series with your saas video marketing strategy, where influencer experts inspire project ideas and show the audience how to make them a reality with their software:


5. Saas Social videos

TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, they're all increasingly video hungry.

In fact, since the rise of TikTok's popularity, many social platforms are following suit, with Instagram now rebranding completely as a 'video-sharing app'. Any social media manager trying to increase awareness, engagement, impressions, and follows will tell you that the algorithm speaks for itself. 

Your Saas social videos need to be short and attention-grabbing to increase the reach of your business. Each platform has its own video specifications, so make sure you check what each one requires before you even touch your video brief, and upload natively to give your content the best chance at success.

Here's a little 1-minute number we did for Box Sign (and here's how we did it!)...

6. Saas Mission videos

"Consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase, protect and champion purpose-driven companies" - Forbes

Humans buy from humans. Yes, they're always going to be looking at your price and your features, but they're also way more likely to purchase from you if your brand aligns with the things they care about. It's that emotional element that really wins us over. 

What do you stand for? What positive impact are you trying to have on the world? What is the mission behind your brand or product? What do you care about? 

Mission videos show the humanity behind the brand. The more your target audience gets to know you, the more you'll build trust and fans.  

Salesforce has recently released this McConaughey-led beauty promoting their Team Earth pledge, a pledge to concentrate on improving the planet we're on, rather than look to the Metaverse or Mars. 

7. Saas Webinars

As well as a nice addition to 'how-to' or explainer videos for your saas company, webinars are fantastic for educating your customers, keeping them engaged and onboard, or guiding them down your sales funnel, especially at a time when face-to-face meetings are so rare.

You can either stream them live for that real-time engagement or schedule pre-recorded webinars at a specific date. These can take time to plan, make sure you have a webinar strategy in place so you're addressing the things your intended audience really cares about. 

Check out this example from Phrasee:


How do I get started making a video for my saas company?

First, you've got to think about what you're trying to achieve with your video, who you're looking to target, what stage in the buyer journey they're at, and where your video is going to be published. Then, it's time to write a solid brief. Luckily, we've got a great template for that. Give it a whirl! And when you're ready, give us a call.

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