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19 January 2023 Video production tips and best practices

What are the 3 stages of video production?

Learn about the three key stages of video production: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of corporate video production? Don't sweat it! What if I told you that the video production process consists of just three stages?



Pre-Production refers to everything that happens before your video shoot or video animation has taken place, and encompasses all of the planning that runs up to the production of your video. This usually includes storyboarding, scriptwriting, scheduling, location planning (if you're going with live-action), and (in all likelihood) plenty of meetings.

Site Visit

Decided on creating something live-action in your video strategy? Visiting the site where the footage will be shot will allow the crew to overcome any logistical problems before the day of the shoot; will the equipment fit? Is any additional lighting required? Do any props need to be brought on the day? Shooting in a public place may also require special permission which needs to be granted in advance.


It’s easy to explain a storyboard as being a bit like a comic strip, explaining what each different scene will include and look like. These should be detailed and annotated thoroughly, as a storyboard is the guide that:

a) Your director will use on the day of the shoot, or; 

b) Your motion designer/animator will use to create your animated video.

storyboard nhs


This is the written text of anything that will be spoken in your video; what the presenter will read, what the voice-over will say etc. It is essential to make sure that the script is perfect before the shoot; going back and changing it after this isn’t an option (not a cost-friendly one, at least) so make sure that everyone involved has approved it and your video production company has the final version.


During the "Production" stage, the video production team will gather all of the material to be used in the video. In most cases, this material will be captured during the video production or "shoot". Other items such as photos, voiceovers and old footage may also play their part in video content, and must also be captured.

The Shoot

This is when all of the planning comes together and your footage will be shot. Shoots can often be quite hectic, with cameramen, directors, actors and presenters all trying to do their part. Making sure that the shoot runs smoothly relies on perfect planning and completion of all the stages up to this point.

The Animation

If you've opted for an animated video production, this is when it’s time for those working on your video (i.e. your chosen video production agency, motion designers and animators) to get to work. 


A voiceover acts as a narration for your footage. There are hundreds of professional voice actors, giving you the choice of someone who will represent your company in the way you want. A voiceover can bring your video together and clearly convey your message.



This refers to anything that happens after the footage has been shot, including editing, adding voice-over and audio, adding any still images or other footage to be included, and adding graphics or on-screen text.


Editing is the process of cutting up and piecing together all of the footage and audio that has been recorded in a way that gets your message across. Good editing can change an average video to an outstanding one and is just as important as the shoot itself. Editing can also involve adding effects, music or onscreen text.

The Rough Cut

When the post-production stage is coming to an end, your video production company should show you the almost finished product, called the rough cut. This is your final chance to give them your thoughts and to have these implemented, making it one of the most crucial stages of the entire process.

The Final Cut

Once the changes from the final cut have been put in place, your video will be completed and you will be presented with the final cut of your video.


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