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25 May 2017 Video inspo

Two Comedies and a Drama ft. Qualcomm, Menulog, Purple

In this week's Video Worth Sharing we've got two funnies and a thriller to share with you. Prepare to smile, gasp, and probably be a bit confused.

Goldilocks review mattresses in a quirky ad from this week's Video Worth Sharing.This week we've got two funnies and a thriller to share with you.

Prepare to smile, gasp, and probably be a bit confused. We've got it all.

Yes, in this edition of Video Worth Sharing we've picked out three videos to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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Video Worth Sharing #18

Purple | The Raw Egg Test

There are few things more convincing than seeing a product working before your very eyes. Mattress-makers Purple created this piece of content as part promotional film, part product video. It's engaging, quirky, and very memorable.



Qualcomm | Lifeline

Slick and edgy, this short film from telecoms company Qualcomm plays like a big-budget thriller. It cleverly integrates features from their Snapdragon mobile chipset into the escalating story of a young man searching for his missing girfriend. Prepare for your head to be messed with.



Jeff Goldblum is at it again. This time he's showing two young women how to order food with Menulog, the Australian version of Just Eat. It's a classic TV ad, funny and grabbing: but the otherworldly presence of Goldblum gives it that extra something.




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