Top video production companies Singapore 2023
17 August 2022 Video inspo

Top Video Production Companies in Singapore (2023)

Looking for a video production company in Singapore? Here are our top selects!

In the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore stands as a beacon of modernity, commerce, and culture. Its vibrant tapestry of traditions and futuristic vision offers a unique landscape for storytelling.

As the city-state thrives as a global hub, its video production scene also soars, blending world-class expertise with local nuances. Here's a look at the leading video production houses that capture the essence of Singapore in every frame.


Location: UK HQ & Global Network

When it comes to corporate video production, few do it better than Venture Videos. Rooted in a deep understanding of business messaging and brand identity, Venture's portfolio speaks of excellence and precision. Trusted by a multitude of global brands, including in Singapore, they transform corporate narratives into visually compelling stories that resonate with target audiences.

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2. Gram

Location: Singapore

A key player in the realm of digital content, Gram excels at creating videos that resonate with today's net-savvy audience. Their portfolio, a mix of commercials, brand videos, and documentaries, showcases their holistic approach to storytelling.

3. VHQ Media

Location: Singapore

With roots in post-production, VHQ Media has evolved to offer a suite of services that cover the entire video production process. Their expertise in visual effects and animation has made them a go-to name for brands seeking top-tier visuals.

4. Reel Loco Productions

Location: Singapore

Passionate and innovative, Reel Loco Productions is known for their creative commercials and corporate videos. Their knack for blending visuals with compelling narratives has won them accolades both locally and internationally.


Location: Singapore

AMOK stands out with its edgy and fresh perspective on video production. Whether it's music videos, commercials, or branded content, their creations often carry a distinct flavour, reflective of Singapore's multicultural tapestry.

6. CraveFX

Location: Singapore

Specialising in animation and visual effects, CraveFX has been a game-changer in the Singaporean video scene. Their expertise spans from motion graphics to 3D animation, making them a versatile partner for a range of video projects.

7. 8EyedSpud

Location: Singapore

8EyedSpud, with its quirky name and innovative approach, has quickly risen as a favourite among brands seeking out-of-the-box video solutions. Their dedication to understanding client needs ensures that every video strikes a chord with its target audience.

8. Little Red Ants Creative Studio

Location: Singapore

From conceptualisation to final cut, Little Red Ants Creative Studio is meticulous in their craft. Their portfolio, a blend of commercials, corporate videos, and short films, reflects their commitment to excellence in every project.

Wrapping up

Singapore's unique blend of tradition and innovation offers a fertile ground for video production. The companies listed above have not only tapped into the city-state's rich narrative but have also set benchmarks in terms of quality, creativity, and impact. As the Lion City continues to roar on the global stage, these video maestros ensure its stories are told with clarity, passion, and finesse.


James Bryant

Written by James Bryant Video strategist and co-founder for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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