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14 August 2023 Video inspo

Top Explainer Video Examples That Made Waves

Explore standout explainer videos from industry leaders, including the recent innovative approach of Box AI in 2023.

The art of explaining complex ideas simply and engagingly is no small feat. Product explainer videos have emerged as a powerful tool for brands, startups, and organizations to convey their message in a concise and entertaining manner. A well-made explainer video can capture attention, explain a product or service, and inspire action in under two minutes.

Here's a rundown of some of the best explainer videos that not only explained concepts beautifully but also left a lasting impact:


Year: 2023

Created by: Venture

In the thick of the AI revolution, when every Silicon Valley giant was clamouring to showcase their AI prowess, Box unveiled its Box AI explainer video, setting it apart from the throng.

The key to its success was grounding the explanation in real-world problems businesses face daily, such as data organization, security issues, and collaboration challenges. Box AI was portrayed not just as another tool, but as a seamless assistant that understands and augments human workflows. The narrative was clear: In a world where AI tools are plenty, Box AI is designed with genuine human needs at the forefront.

This stark differentiation made viewers not only understand the product but also appreciate its relevance in a tech-saturated market. The video's success reaffirmed the idea that in the realm of tech, making genuine connections trumps dazzling with complexity.

2. Dollar Shave Club

Year: 2012

With humour at its core, Dollar Shave Club's launch video became an internet sensation. The video's casual tone, combined with its direct message and humour, led to 12,000 orders in the first 48 hours. This video is often cited as a gold standard for startup product videos.

3. Spotify

Year: 2013

When Spotify was trying to introduce its service to the U.S. market, it released a fantastic animated explainer video. The video deftly communicates the pain point of managing downloaded music across devices and introduces Spotify as the simple solution.

4. Airbnb

Year: 2014

Airbnb's “What is Airbnb?" video is a beautiful blend of animation and real-life images. It effectively explains the unique proposition of the platform for both hosts and travelers, painting a warm, communal picture of worldwide exploration and connection.

5. Slack

Year: 2014

Slack's video uses bright animations and a straightforward narrative to explain how the platform can make work communication efficient and organized. The video quickly demonstrates the application's features without overwhelming the viewer.

6. Mint

Year: 2010

Mint’s finance app video is a paragon of clarity. Using smooth animations, it walks viewers through the platform’s features, emphasizing its security and ease of use. The video helped Mint build trust in the competitive finance sector.

7. Crazy Egg

Year: 2018

This explainer video for Crazy Egg's heatmap tool combines animated visuals with a strong script. The video effectively shows how the tool visualizes user activity on a website, leading to a significant boost in the company's conversion rates.

8. Panorama9

Year: 2012

This MSP and IT platform went for a superhero-themed video. The engaging visuals and relatable IT problems showcased in the video were a hit, making a potentially mundane topic quite exciting.

9. Duolingo

Year: Various

Duolingo's videos, especially the ones featuring their mascot, Duo, create a compelling story around language learning. The videos not only explain how the app works but also emphasize the joy of connecting with other cultures.

10. Google Search: Reunion

Year: 2013

Although not a traditional explainer video, Google’s “Reunion” short film is a touching narrative that explains the power of its search engine. The video tells the story of two childhood friends separated during the India-Pakistan partition who are reunited using Google Search.

These videos stand out because of their ability to convey complex ideas simply, engage the audience emotionally, or just present the information in a fresh, innovative manner. They exemplify the impact a well-crafted explainer video can have in promoting a brand, service, or product.

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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