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14 March 2023 The basics of video production

Tips for Effective Audio Recording for Videos

Dive into expert tips from equipment selection to post-production tweaks. Learn how top video companies ensure crisp, clear, captivating sound.

Great visuals might catch the viewer's eye, but it's the crisp, clear audio that truly captivates the ear and cements the message. In the realm of video production, while striking imagery is paramount, the significance of sound is equally vital. So, how does a video production company ensure that their audio recording hits all the right notes? Let's delve into some top tips for nailing that perfect sound.

1. Invest in Quality Equipment

A video production company knows that skimping on audio gear can lead to subpar results. While you don't need to break the bank, investing in a good-quality microphone can make a world of difference. Whether it's a shotgun mic, lapel, or condenser, choose based on your specific needs and environment.

2. Mind Your Surroundings

Ambient noise – the bane of any audio recording. Before hitting that record button, take a moment to listen. Is there a humming fridge nearby? Or perhaps a bustling road? Choose quiet environments, close any windows, turn off unnecessary appliances, and if possible, use soundproofing techniques to create an audio-friendly space.

3. Get Up Close and Personal

The closer the mic is to the source, the clearer and more defined the sound will be. This minimises background noise and captures the richness of the audio. But remember, too close can lead to distortion, so find that sweet spot.

4. Watch Those Levels

Peaking – when the audio levels are too high – can lead to a distorted sound that's tough to fix in post-production. Always monitor your levels using headphones and ensure they hover around the -6dB to -3dB range for optimal clarity.

5. Windshields are a Must for Outdoors

If you're shooting outside, even a gentle breeze can wreak havoc on your audio. A windshield (often referred to as a 'dead cat' due to its furry appearance) can prove invaluable. It'll dramatically reduce wind noise, ensuring the focus remains on your subject's voice.

6. Backup Audio is a Saviour

Always have a backup. This could be a separate audio recorder or another microphone. If one audio source encounters issues, you've got a fail-safe to fall back on.

7. Post-Production Polish

Even with meticulous planning, some audio imperfections might slip through. This is where post-production steps in. Software like Audacity or Adobe Audition can help remove minor background noises, adjust levels, and enhance the overall quality.

Listen... that's the Sound of Success

While visuals tell the story, it's the audio that truly immerses the viewer. Every seasoned video production company knows that neglecting sound can be a costly error. By investing time, care, and sometimes a bit of money into your audio recording process, you're not just capturing sound; you're capturing emotion, tone, and nuance. And that can elevate your video from good to unforgettable.

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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