26 October 2023 Pre-production

The Pre-production Checklist: Ensuring a Smooth Video Shoot

Elevate your video shoots with our pre-production checklist. From scripting to backup plans, ensure a seamless process for top-notch results.

Creating top-notch video content isn't just about hitting the record button. It's about meticulous planning that ensures the shooting process goes without a hitch. If you're diving into video production, this pre-production checklist will be your saviour.

  1. Determine Your Purpose and Goals Before anything else, ask yourself: Why am I creating this video? Whether it's to increase brand awareness, explain a product, or drive sales, having a clear objective will guide all other decisions.

  2. Decide on Your Budget Let's be real: dreamy ideas can be costly. Determine how much you're willing to spend and then plan accordingly. It'll help you manage resources efficiently and avoid unwelcome surprises.

  3. Research and Scripting Once you've nailed down your video's purpose, it's time for research. This will inform your script, ensuring it's both engaging and effective. Remember, a strong script is the backbone of any stellar video.

  4. Location Scouting Your video's backdrop matters. Depending on your concept, you might need a professional studio, a natural setting, or even a bustling city centre. Make sure to check for permissions if needed!

  5. Gather Your Equipment From cameras to microphones to lighting gear, ensure you have everything on hand. It's a rookie mistake to arrive on set without fully charged batteries or missing cables.

  6. Casting and Rehearsals If your video features actors or presenters, conduct auditions to find the perfect fit. Once chosen, make time for rehearsals. This can greatly improve the actual shoot's efficiency.

  7. Create a Shooting Schedule Plan out which scenes will be shot when. Consider factors like natural light or location availability. This schedule ensures everyone's on the same page, quite literally.

  8. Assemble Your Crew From a director to a sound technician, each role is crucial. Make sure you have a competent team ready to bring your vision to life.

  9. Finalise Wardrobe and Props What will your actors wear? Do you need any specific props? Get these sorted in advance to avoid any day-of-shoot rushes.

  10. Backup Plans Let's face it: sometimes things go awry. Maybe it rains during your outdoor shoot or a piece of equipment malfunctions. Always have a Plan B.

If you've ticked off everything on this checklist, you're on your way to a smooth video shoot. But remember, while creating great content is vital, so is ensuring it's effectively marketed.

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Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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