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31 March 2023 Video production tips and best practices

Current Video Trends: How Agencies Stay Ahead | Venture

Learn how video production agencies are keeping up with the latest trends, including live streaming, short-form video, interactive video, and more.

Companies are relying on video more than ever to connect with their audience, tell their brand story, and drive conversions.

And it's amazing how much it's evolved. With new trends popping up all the time, as a video production agency, we've got to keep our ears to the ground.

Let's dive into some of the latest and how agencies are keeping up with them.


With the rise of virtual events and remote work, live streaming has become a great way to connect with audiences in real-time. It's a fantastic format to engage with viewers and build trust.

Agencies are keeping up with this trend by:

  • Investing in live-streaming equipment
  • Training teams on best practices
  • Partnering with live-streaming platforms to create high-quality, engaging live content.

Short-form video

Short-form video is another trend that's taken social media by storm, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Companies are using short-form video to engage younger audiences and showcase products. It's an excellent way to tell quick stories, entertain, and cater to our ever-dwindling attention spans.

[Example Instagram reel in 9:16 ratio for Hillarys]

Agencies are keeping up with this trend by:

  • Investing time and money into techniques that can communicate information in the fastest and most effective way (like different animation styles)
  • Training their teams on how to create engaging content quickly.
  • Getting familiar with the different aspect ratio and file sizes that each social platform needs
  • Partnering with influencers and social media platforms to amplify their short-form video content.


Interactive video

Interactive video is another trend that's gaining momentum. Companies are using it to create personalised, immersive experiences for their audiences.

And this can take many forms, from choose-your-own-adventure style videos to quizzes and polls embedded within the video.

Agencies are keeping up with this trend by:

  • Investing in interactive video tools
  • Working with clients to develop interactive video strategies
  • Training their teams on how to create engaging, interactive video content
  • Exploring new ways to create personalised and engaging experiences for their clients' audiences.


Virtual and augmented reality have been buzzwords in the tech world for a while, but they're starting to make their way into video production too.

These technologies offer new ways to tell stories, showcase products, and create immersive experiences for viewers.

Agencies are keeping up with this trend by:

  • Investing in virtual and augmented reality tools
  • Partnering with developers to create virtual and augmented reality experiences
  • Training their teams on how to create engaging, immersive video content.


Finally, authenticity is becoming increasingly important in video production.

One thing is clear: audiences want to see real people and hear authentic stories, and companies that can showcase that are more likely to connect with their viewers and build trust.

Similarly — though not a 'trend' per-se but hopefully something that sticks around — we're making positive steps towards inclusivity in video production. From casting diverse actors to ensuring accessibility for all audiences.

Agencies are keeping up with this trend by:

  • Developing authentic and inclusive video strategies
  • Training their teams on best practices for inclusive video production.
  • Partnering with diverse creators to ensure that their video content reflects the diversity of their audience.

To sum up...

Video production is constantly evolving, and agencies that can keep up with these trends and create high-quality, engaging video content will help their clients succeed in an increasingly video-centric world. To stay ahead of the curve, Venture prioritises remaining adaptable and embracing new and exciting changes.

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Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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