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7 September 2023 Video inspo

Stop-Motion Creativity in Branding: A Breath of Fresh Air

Explore stop-motion's branding allure, from Lego's enchanting tales to Gucci's whimsical showcases, revealing its memorable campaign impact.

If you're in the branding or marketing world, you've likely been bombarded by the endless possibilities of digital ads, flashy CGI, and sophisticated graphics.

While these can be undeniably effective, there's something pure, tactile, and utterly enchanting about stop-motion animation that's capturing both brand's and audience's hearts. It's an art form that intertwines the nostalgia of childhood with the intricate detailing of craftsmanship.

Stop-motion, with its frame-by-frame capture of physically manipulated objects, brings a tangible authenticity that's hard to find in the pixel-perfect world of digital animation. Let's delve into some stellar examples of how brands are harnessing this vintage magic to tell modern tales.

1. Lego's Love for Stop-Motion

Who doesn't love Lego? This iconic brand has always celebrated imagination, and they've beautifully used stop-motion to amplify this ethos.

Their adverts often feature Lego pieces coming to life, constructing and deconstructing, creating worlds where anything's possible.

The tactile nature of the Lego bricks combined with the craftsmanship of stop-motion reinforces their brand message: 'Build your world'.

2. Oreo’s Playful Twists

Oreo took the cookie dunking game to a new level with their stop-motion adverts. In one, cookies danced, twisted, and dunked themselves into milk, showcasing the product's fun side.

The painstaking attention to detail in these ads, down to the cream's texture, resonates with audiences, turning a simple biscuit into a story.

3. Starbuck’s Cups Come Alive

Starbucks has a knack for creating a buzz around their holiday cups every year. But it was their stop-motion ad that truly stood out, transforming the coffee cup's surface into a canvas where wintry scenes came alive, one frame at a time.

This clever branding move connected the warm feelings of the festive season with their signature beverages.

4. Gucci’s Whimsical Wardrobe:
High fashion meets whimsy in Gucci's stop-motion campaigns. With garments, accessories, and even shoes taking on a life of their own, Gucci crafts a dreamlike world, reinforcing their position as not just a fashion brand, but as purveyors of fantasy.

In essence, stop-motion offers brands an opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. It's not just an animation technique; it's an emotion, a memory, and a story, all rolled into one.

As branding becomes more about experiences and connections, the tactile, hands-on nature of stop-motion can offer a unique edge. So, if you're looking to create a branding narrative that's both timeless and memorable, maybe it's time to look back to this classic technique.

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Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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