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8 December 2015 Case Studies

Simply Supplements: Increasing Brand Awareness and Building Trust in an Online Retailer

We helped Simply Supplements re-engage and grow their audience with a tailored brand film, fostering trust in their customer service.

Perfectly tailored to the target audience, our Simply Supplements brand film helped the business rebrand and spread awareness of their trustworthy customer service.

Simply Supplements is the industry leader in premium nutritional supplements. For over a decade they have provided their customers with high-quality products and first-class customer care. In that time they've also grown from their UK roots to distribute worldwide.

Their video project all began when the company decided to rebrand. The aim was to increase their customer base and strengthen their brand positioning. Simply Supplements wanted to be known for their excellent customer service most of all.

challengeThe Challenge 

The team at Simply Supplements faced the challenge of repositioning the business with a focus on reliable service and quality products, rather than price. In addition, they needed to grow their target audience of 50+ year olds and continue to build trust with their existing and potential customers.

So the team's major goals were to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

While Simply Supplements was eager to gain new customers in their target market, they were also cautious about alienating their existing customers. Occasional buyers, dormant buyers and regular buyers all had to be engaged by the new branding.

The team decided that video content would be best placed to achieve their aims. Their objectives were:

  • Increase the average time on their site.
  • Reduce the bounce rate.
  • Increase the average page views per visit.
  • Increase the average order value.

The Simply Supplements team found us online and invited us to pitch for the project, along with several other video agencies. Our research into the brand messaging and target audience payed off, we were selected to plan and produce the video.

soltuionOur Solution

Once we had the go-ahead, the first step was to gain insights into Simply Supplement's target audience. We knew that the majority of their audience was between 40 and 80 years of age, with a gender split of 60% female to 40% male.

This meant the company's target audience was predominantly the elderly, living alone with no young dependants. However, family was a strong focus for this audience. Almost all of them had children and grandchildren.

Along with the video brief, we used this insight to develop a story based on a retired woman whose life revolved around her family. She wanted to keep fit and healthy in order to enjoy time with her young grandchildren. Within the story we built in Simply Supplement's message of trust, reliability, and a support team always on hand.

We worked closely with the team to create a script and storyboard that showcased the ease of use of Simply Supplement's online shop, and how smoothly and simply it fits into the target audience's lifestyle.

Perhaps the most important part of the project was finding the right talent for the video. The actors we selected had to reflect the target audience, the brand and their message. We sourced actors for an entire family. In particular, the main actor who portrayed the retired woman was someone the target audience could identify with, who represented their lifestyle and the concerns they faced everyday.


So far the video has been watched over 4,500 times with an average engagement rate of 63%. (How do you make sure your audience click play on your video? Here's how.) The video was placed on both Simply Supplement's homepage (with an avg. engagement of 53%) and their about us page (with an avg. engagement of 74%).

Simply Supplements was extremely pleased with the project. So were we. The brand film is used across their website, and has enabled them to increase brand awareness while building trust with their existing and new customers.



Since the brand film was delivered, Simply Supplements have requested its translation into different languages in order to help spread their reach across the globe. The business is now planning to use the film as part of a wider advertising campaign within its key market segments. We look forward to its continued success!

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James Bryant

Written by James Bryant Video strategist and co-founder for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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