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10 July 2023

Top Video Production Companies in the United States (2023)

Learn about the USA's top video production companies and what makes them unique.

Whether you're a budding startup or a powerhouse corporation, video marketing has become an essential part of your strategy in today's digital world. But before we go into the list, let's unpack why it's crucial to pick the right video production company to cater to your video marketing needs.


According to a recent report by HubSpot, an impressive 85% of businesses now utilize video as a marketing tool. This isn't surprising considering that users are 27 times more likely to engage with a video ad than a traditional banner ad, as suggested by studies from Mediashark.

By 2023, online video content is expected to command a whopping 82.5% of all web traffic, as per Demand Sage. There's no denying the immense popularity of video content.


When you're up against a sea of videos, quality can make or break you. A subpar video can damage your brand image and erode customer trust.

On the flip side, a top-tier video can catapult your brand to new levels. As highlighted by Brightcove, 53% of consumers interact with a brand after viewing a video on social media.

It's not just about dazzling visuals—engaging sound design and storytelling are just as important. A well-crafted video with a clear message grabs viewers' attention and motivates them to take action. Cutting corners on production quality simply isn't an option.


Choosing a company with the right expertise is a no-brainer. Video production is a complex process that encompasses everything from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing.

The right company will boast a team of professionals well-versed in these areas, ensuring that your video hits the right notes.


You don't want your video to be just another blip on the digital radar. Tailored content that echoes your brand's unique identity and values will set you apart from the competition.

A striking 91% of marketers believe that video content is key in crafting a personalized customer experience, as indicated by Databox.

A skilled video production company will get your brand and create content tailored to resonate with your target audience.


Let's talk about return on investment (ROI). Picking the right video production company might require a larger upfront investment, but the potential pay-off is well worth it.

OptinMonster reports that video marketers secure 66% more qualified leads per year, and according to Wyzowl, 89% of video marketers say that video delivers a strong ROI.

Clearly, a well-designed video can be a treasure trove for lead generation and conversion.


Time is money, and creating a video can eat up quite a bit of it. Hiring a seasoned company allows you to concentrate on your core business activities while they handle the video production. With their resources and expertise, the process becomes considerably more efficient and effective.

The top 16 video production companies in the USA in 2023

Picking the right video production company is not something to be taken lightly. It’s an investment in your brand’s image and future success.

With the ever-growing dominance of video content, ensuring high-quality, customised content that resonates with your audience is paramount.

The expertise and resources of the right video production company will save you time and, in the long run, significantly boost your ROI. Don’t leave it to chance!

So, let's dive in. Who's worthy?

1. Venture

Yep, that's us. 

As an illustrious, award-winning video production company and creative powerhouse, Venture is dedicated to catalysing your brand's growth and impact. Established in 2004, we've worked within loads of different sectors, both B2B & B2C. Our clients include Amazon, Box, Europa, The NHS, Natwest and more. 

We don’t just make videos; we craft stories that breathe life into your brand, forging an indelible connection with your audience, and propelling you not just to succeed, but potentially reshape the world.

We combine an alchemy of strategy and unbridled creativity, fuelled by an immersive understanding of your brand and audience. Our video campaigns aren’t mere visuals; they’re symphonies of inspiration that call for action.

Your vision becomes our team's shared odyssey. Committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence, we take your briefs and elevate them to stratospheres unimagined.

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2. Levitate Media

Established in 2009, Levitate Media is a video production agency based in Alpharetta, Georgia, that excels in bringing brands to life through high-quality animated and live video productions. Over the years, Levitate has empowered numerous businesses to highlight their products, services, and core messages in the most engaging manner possible.

Boasting a top-tier team of project managers, scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, and live-action specialists, Levitate dedicates itself to serving its valued partners across multiple industries. 

3. Demo Duck

Demo Duck began their journey in 2011 with a focus on explainer video production. With a diverse set of skills including marketing, advertising, writing, animation, design, editing, directing, and producing, they have been labelled as an animated explainer video company, but they do provide other services, too.

4. Yum Yum Videos

Yum Yum Videos is a Video Production Company based in Chigaco, Illinois, that's created close to a thousand videos for a diverse range of clients, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a commitment to quality and creativity, their portfolio showcases a broad range of content, reflecting their ability to tailor videos to the unique needs and goals of each client they work with.

5. The Herd Studios

The Herd Studios is an innovative company specializing in the creation and distribution of multimedia content. They foster a community of individuals passionate about the outdoors and storytelling, aiming to inspire, educate, and support.

Their offerings span across:

Creative & Strategy - Including creative direction, team building, social media and campaign management, influencer marketing, and content performance metrics.

Pre-Production - Covering budgeting, storyboarding, casting, script writing, production design, and scheduling & permitting.

Content - Encompassing storytelling/copywriting, film & video production, photography, illustration, and short & long-format advertising.

6. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is a compact but mighty video production company based in Vancouver. They make video content for every stage of your sales process and corporate communications. 

Over the years, they’ve been crafting captivating videos that tell inspiring stories about brands, businesses, and many other things.

Creamy Animation


7. Clum Creative

Based in Cleveland, Clum Creative is a video production company and creative agency. They collaborate with marketers, entrepreneurs, and in-house creatives, serving as a reliable partner for the production of video and animation content.

With a dedicated team of 20 full-time staff members and an international network of local directors, Clum Creative extends its services to over 600 clients worldwide. Their diverse clientele relies on them for a range of marketing and internal corporate video projects, making Clum a global leader in comprehensive video solutions.

8. SharpeyE Animation

Sharpeye Animation is a video production company based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a full-service company, they provide a wide array of services to their clients, from creating simple videos for social media to delivering comprehensive marketing solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Leveraging their years of experience in leading teams at Fortune 50 companies to small and mid-sized businesses, this award-winning company specializes in industry-leading video production, content and creative development, paid media, brand management, and more. They harness their deep knowledge and vast expertise to deliver effective and innovative solutions that drive business growth.

Sharpeye Animation


9. Harvest Film Company

Harvest Film Co. is a full-service video production company with more than a decade of wide-ranging experience under its belt. They boast experience in various fields, including commercials, e-commerce, music videos, documentaries, short films, and more. Despite having strong roots in Minnesota, Arizona, and New York, they view location as a canvas, not a constraint. 

10. Wzyowl

Wyzowl is renowned as one of the world's market leaders in explainer video production. They made their mark early on, being one of the first explainer video companies to emerge in 2011.

Since their inception, Wyzowl has produced over 3,000 animated videos for an impressive roster of more than 1,500 companies in over 40 countries.

11. Vidico

Vidico is a video production company with a knack for crafting engaging narratives for startups and tech enterprises. They're all about simplifying the complex and weaving stories that shine a spotlight on the cutting-edge and entrepreneurial spirit of their clients.

12. Ambient Skies

Ambient Skies is a Phoenix-based Video Company that stands at the intersection of video production and creative agency, designed to meet the demands of the modern marketing era. They are a collective of creatives, producers, cinematographers, and makers, specializing in visually compelling storytelling. 

With 15 years of experience, they've produced a broad range of creative content across various industries, backed by successful marketing strategies, and have collaborated with some of the world's most recognized brands.

13. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is an animated video production company and a subsidiary brand of Fireart Studio, a boutique design and software development company. They specialise in the production of explainer videos, aiming to assist companies in conveying their message to customers, enhancing their online presence, and differentiating themselves from competitors. They typically work with creative marketing agencies, startups, and enterprises.

14. Epipheo

Epipheo is a Cincinnati-based video production company specialising in animation. They're a studio that uses animated explainer videos to spark epiphanies because they create clarity. They believe that, above all else, people need to understand what you do, why you matter, or how you’re different, because they won’t buy what they don’t understand.

15. Lai Video

Based in Washington, D.C., LAI Video is committed to delivering the most innovative and effective video solutions for their clients, no matter the challenge. With a track record of producing award-winning content, they're dedicated to bringing your brand to life through the power of video.

16. MotionClue

Based in New York, MotionCue is a video animation company housing a team of talented, unique individuals who have a shared passion for animation, design, and marketing. Their main area of expertise lies in animated video production, and they take pride in assisting brands to leverage this powerful medium.

MotionCue's client roster is diverse, including esteemed Fortune 100 companies alongside inspiring young startups poised for future recognition. 




These top video production companies in the USA offer a diverse range of expertise and services, catering to a wide array of industries and needs.

By investing in the right agency, you can actively harness the immense potential of video marketing, elevate your brand presence, and achieve your goals in this video-crazy era.

Don't underestimate the impact of choosing the right partner to bring your vision to life and captivate your audience with visual storytelling.

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Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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