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27 April 2017 Video inspo

Pushing Boundaries ft. Heineken, Under Armour, Simple Life

These videos break mental barriers, offering mind-expanding experiences and diverse perspectives

Under Armour pay tribute to the determination of Michael Phelps in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Sometimes the biggest barriers we face are the ones in our mind.

It's tough, but with openness and determination we can break through even the largest mental blocks.

The videos you see in this week's Video Worth Sharing all do something different and mind-expanding. They help us push past our own preconceptions.

Feel the freedom, keep reading for our selection of some of the best video ads around.


Video Worth Sharing #14

Heineken | Worlds Apart

Do you associate beer adverts with half-naked women and sandy beaches? Heineken have broken the mould with this video, instead focusing on the power of a chilled bottle to foster conversation, understanding and goodwill. It's refreshing in more ways than one.


Simple Life | Welcome to Simple Life

A stylish, sketch-y style of animation and a sprinkling of humour make this explainer animation stand out from the rest. Think your product or service is too intricate or complex for a fun video? Here's the proof you need to convince yourself otherwise.

Under Armour | Rule Yourself

In the run up to Michael Phelps' final ever race at the Rio Olympics, Under Armour created this exquisite tribute to the dedication and sacrifice it takes to become a record-breaking athlete. Its complex mix of emotions helped it become the fifth most shared Olympics spot of all time.


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