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25 October 2017 Video inspo

Pure Spookiness ft. Skittles, Lux, Dirt Devil

Get into the Halloween spirit with these ads that strike the right balance of spooky fun without going overboard.

Get your share of spooks in the ads of this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Boo! It's time for spooks, scares and businesses trying to make themselves relevant in every sphere of life. Yes, it's nearly Hallowe'en.

Though seasonal advertising might be overdone at times, as we'll see in the run-up to Christmas, there are still examples out there of it done right.

These videos all succeed at getting into the spirit of this most frightening time of year without devolving into pure ridiculousness.

So join us as we hide under the covers for this special Hallowe'en edition of Video Worth Sharing.


Video Worth Sharing #38

Lux | Save Your Skin

Lux don't have a remotely scary brand, but they manage to have fun with the stereotype of unwitting victims in showers here. By playing into those familiar horror tropes, the surprise at the end is all the more enjoyable, and a bit of clever wordplay ties it together perfectly.



Skittles | Floor 9.5

Rather than going for the funny, Skittles opt for the straight scare. It's simple but it works thanks to the strength of the central concept. This is part of an entire Hallowe'en campaign run by Fox and some major confectionary brands. A smart way to get awareness just when sales are spiking.



Dirt Devil | The Exorcist

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, as this ad proves. It starts atmospheric and chilling, but... takes a completely unexpected turn around the halfway mark. We love how such an everyday product gets transplanted into one of the most iconic horror films of all time.




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