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28 October 2020 Video inspo

2 Engaging Product Demo Videos to Inspire You

Demo videos explain and sell products effectively, showcasing functionality and value.

Product demonstration videos are a great way to explain and sell your product. They illustrate how your product works by showing it in action and letting your prospects experience it in all its glory.

They are a strong sales and marketing tool as they effectively communicate your products value to prospects, speeding up buying cycles and nudging them closer to the right choice - your product!

An effective product demo video needs to be engaging and eye-opening. It needs to hook your audience whilst showing them how your product can be the solution to their problem. 

These examples are 2 of our favourite product demos created by our talented team. They not only effectively communicate how the products work, but capture the audience's attention and pique their interest. Take a look!

1. is an award-winning financial software company that automates payment processing for small to medium businesses. 

Venture created an animated product demo video to outline how their whole system works and how their smart AP and AR automation can benefit businesses.

Why it works:

The demo opens straight away with the benefits of using saving 50% of time on accounts payable and not having to waste time on a messy manual AP process. This instantly hooks the audience and encourages them to continue engaging with the video.

It not only shows users how to use the product, but tells you why this is better than traditional manual options and its competitors. It seamlessly outlines the functionality alongside the benefits, not only serving the purpose of educating viewers on the system, but also selling the value of the product.

Alongside this, the branding is consistent throughout. Unlike some demo videos that abruptly switch formats,'s video maintains the same style and branding. This cohesive design gives a professional look and makes the system easier to understand.

Key takeaway:  Viewers will be more willing to learn how your product works if you first tell them the value it provides them.

2. Universal Production Music

Universal Production Music is the world's leading library music company with a catalogue of over 500,000 quality tracks from award-winning composers. They produce and licence music for use in video and media use. Users can search music tracks, create playlists, and license music for projects or content.

Venture were tasked with creating a product demo video to show how their online music platform works.

Why it works:

This product demo is so effective due to its simplicity. The walkthrough's pace is relaxed, allowing viewers to digest the information and aren't overwhelmed with information before moving onto the next feature. 

Rather than dazzling viewers with animations, the video focuses on giving the viewers valuable information that effectively shows off the platforms capabilities. It highlights the sleek design and easy-to-use interface, whilst showing all the features it provides in a smooth and streamlined way. 

The voiceover and visuals work together to create a product walkthrough that immerses the viewer, showing the audience how to get the most out of the platform and its capabilities.

Key take away: Product demos don't need to be cutting edge animations, as long as they effectively showcase your product at a pace that is easy-to-understand whilst remaining engaging. 


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Imogen Hibberd

Written by Imogen Hibberd Copywriter for Skeleton — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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