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10 March 2017 Video inspo

The Power of Passion ft. Vucko, Currys, Sonnet Insurance

Passion is the heart of all the best video content. These inspirational examples will help you inject passion into your own video marketing.

Vucko embraces the power of passion in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Good communication is all about passion. If you don't really care about something it's hard to convince others to care too.

That's why all the best video content is built on real passion. And why our selections for this week's Video Worth Sharing are full to the brim with electricity, excitement and eagerness.

Ready to feel the emotion?

Scroll on for three inspirational examples of how to inject passion into your video marketing.


Video Worth Sharing #9

Vucko | The Power of Like

It's a topic that's been done to death, but with a fresh spin. This animation is a gorgeous piece of art that takes cues from the fluidity and power of organic movement. Add excellent sound design and music, and the final product is packed with emotion.



Currys | Spare the Act

Lately we were reminded of this hilarious Christmas advert from Currys. Granted, it was first shown a few years ago, but it's absolutely worth a rewatch. We can't all hire Jeff Goldblum, but we can all learn from a crazy idea executed with conviction and confidence.



Sonnet Insurance | Balloon

Why do we buy insurance? For peace of mind. After all, there's just so much that can go wrong! This fun animation communicates the stress and anxiety that insurance can prevent in a wonderfully watchable way.




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Lydia Cockerham

Written by Lydia Cockerham Copywriter for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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