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31 August 2023 Video inspo

Pivoting Video Strategies: Companies that Adapted and Thrived

Explore brands transforming video strategies for digital dominance. From BuzzFeed's 'Tasty' to Old Spice's reinvention, see agility driving success.

In an age where digital change is rapid and consumer behaviours shift frequently, companies that adapt quickly are the ones that flourish. Those that stay rigid can become obsolete overnight.

The world of video marketing, rich with storytelling and engagement, has seen its fair share of strategic pivots. Let's delve into a few brands that brilliantly transformed their video strategies, resulting in commendable success.

1. BuzzFeed: From Viral Lists to Tasty Video Content

BuzzFeed started as a hub for catchy listicles and clickable content. But as the digital landscape evolved, so did BuzzFeed.

Pivot Strategy: Recognising the boom in short, shareable video content, they launched 'Tasty' – quick, engaging cooking videos tailored for social media.

Outcome: 'Tasty' became a phenomenon. These videos became a staple on Facebook feeds worldwide, propelling BuzzFeed's reach and engagement to new heights.

2. GoPro: Beyond Products to a Content Community

Originally a camera company for adventurers, GoPro realised the potential of the content its users created.

Pivot Strategy: GoPro began encouraging its users to share their captured adventures, creating a community-centric video platform. They showcased user-generated content, thus making every customer a potential brand ambassador.

Outcome: This pivot not only amplified their sales but also created a thriving community of brand loyalists, making GoPro synonymous with adventure footage.

3. Gillette: Addressing the Modern Man

Facing competition from direct-to-consumer brands, Gillette had to rethink their message.

Pivot Strategy: Gillette launched "The Best Men Can Be" campaign, addressing toxic masculinity and urging men to be better. The video stirred controversy but also sparked a critical conversation.

Outcome: Gillette managed to place themselves at the forefront of a societal discussion, showing they were more than just a razor company, but a brand invested in societal values.

4. Old Spice: Humour and the Unexpected

Old Spice, a traditional brand, was considered outdated until they decided to think outside the box.

Pivot Strategy: They introduced the "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign, characterised by humorous and unpredictable video content.

Outcome: The video went viral overnight. Old Spice rejuvenated its image, appealing to a younger audience and refreshing its brand perception.

5. Spotify: Personalising Music with Video

As a music streaming platform, Spotify had heaps of data on its users. They decided to use this in a fun, engaging way.

Pivot Strategy: Spotify created video ads showcasing quirky user habits and playlists, making listeners laugh at shared musical experiences.

Outcome: The campaign was a hit. It highlighted the personal connection users have with music, enhancing brand loyalty and user engagement.

Wrapping up

The digital world waits for no one. Brands must be agile, willing to assess, learn, and pivot their strategies to stay relevant. These brands did more than just adapt; they transformed, setting benchmarks in the process.

For anyone, be it a budding creator or an established video production company, these tales are a testament to the power of video in the digital age. Adaptability, creativity, and understanding your audience are crucial. Remember, it's not just about being seen; it's about being remembered. Make your videos count!

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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