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31 August 2023 Video inspo

Overcoming Challenges in Video Production: Real-world Examples

From BBC Earth's innovative filming techniques to Nike's raw, unscripted ads, uncover how brands have transformed obstacles into opportunities.

Crafting a video isn't as simple as hitting 'record'. The process entails navigating a maze of challenges – from budget constraints to technical glitches. Yet, some brands, with a mix of ingenuity and resilience, have turned these roadblocks into stepping stones.

Let's delve into a few real-world examples of how companies overcame challenges in video production and emerged victorious.

1. BBC Earth: Battling Natural Elements

Challenge: During the production of 'Planet Earth II', the crew faced unpredictable weather conditions and elusive wildlife, making filming specific scenes near-impossible.

Overcoming Strategy: They employed remote camera technologies and drone footage, allowing them to capture breathtaking shots without disturbing the animals or waiting for weeks in extreme conditions.

Outcome: 'Planet Earth II' was lauded for its unmatched visual splendour and intimate wildlife encounters, thanks to the team's innovative solutions.

2. Blair Witch Project: Low Budget, High Stakes

Challenge: This iconic horror film had an extremely tight budget, which could have restricted the quality and reach of its production.

Overcoming Strategy: The filmmakers decided on a found-footage style, using hand-held cameras and largely improvised dialogue. This gave the movie its unique, realistic, and eerie atmosphere.

Outcome: The Blair Witch Project became one of the most successful independent films, turning its budgetary constraints into a distinctive stylistic choice.

3. Dove's Real Beauty Sketches: Managing Emotional Sensitivity

Challenge: The concept of illustrating women's distorted self-images versus others' perceptions was deeply emotional and could be perceived as intrusive or insincere.

Overcoming Strategy: Dove carefully selected participants, ensured a comfortable environment, and worked with an empathetic forensic artist. They prioritised authenticity in every step.

Outcome: The video resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, becoming one of the most viral ads, celebrated for its genuine approach to a sensitive subject.

4. Apple: ShoT ON IPHONE

Challenge: For their 'Shot on iPhone' campaign, Apple wanted to showcase the phone's capability in challenging scenarios. One video involved shooting in tight urban environments and dimly-lit alleys.

Overcoming Strategy: Apple collaborated with expert cinematographers who employed stabilisers, mirrors, and natural light diffusers to maximise the iPhone's camera capabilities.

Outcome: The resultant videos were stunning, effectively demonstrating the iPhone's prowess and the magic of professional techniques.

5. Nike's Unlimited You: Real-time Challenge

Challenge: Nike aimed to create an ad that felt live and unscripted, which meant handling unpredictable events and real-time reactions.

Overcoming Strategy: They built a semi-scripted scenario with athletes but allowed for real reactions by introducing unforeseen challenges and changes in the scene.

Outcome: The ad's genuine reactions and raw energy made it stand out, encapsulating the 'Just Do It' spirit in its unpredictability.

Wrapping up

Challenges in video production aren't setbacks; they're opportunities. They push creators to innovate, think outside the box, and often lead to results that are more groundbreaking than the original plan. Whether you're a budding filmmaker or part of a seasoned video production company, remember: every challenge hides a chance to create something unforgettable. Embrace it, overcome it, and let the world see your vision.

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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