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9 November 2018 Video inspo

Original & Fun Video: Bulleit Bourbon, NYC Ballet X Geronimo, Nest

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We like to share video that makes us think.

We found three quirky promo videos that really caught our attention this week.

These brands are using a nice mix of fresh & creative styles with engaging soundtracks.

The videos aren't too long - just long enough to leave a good impression & feeling with the viewer.

They manage to communicate emotion and awareness in a fun & efficient way.

Keep scrolling to see if you agree with us.

Video Worth Sharing #58

Bulleit Bourbon | Tattoo Edition - New York & Portland

To celebrate National Tattoo Day Bulleit teamed up with four trailblazing artists to create a limited collection of Tattooed Bulleit Bourbon bottles. The mostly black & white animations on the promo videos feature the creative tattoo art, whilst cleverly highlighting the product in it's full colour. Subtle, creative & clever - a real treat to watch...

Bulleit Tattoo Edition - New York and Portland from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.




Jihan Zencirli, a Turkish-American visual artist who is most known for her balloon installations, was the first female artist to be selected to team up with the NYC Ballet to install a site-specific installation as part of their Art Series. This promotional video is full of light & tight edits and has a witty and slick voice over which adds to the overall charm and pure watch-ability...

NYC Ballet x GERONIMO from A Bruntel on Vimeo.



Nest | Meet the Nest Thermostat E

We loved the way that Nest used a clever combination of animation and live action to deliver their message. The animation subconsciously tells the viewer that their thermostat system is easy to use and not intimidating. The style blends well with the live action and creates a wonderful altered-reality feel - it's simple, visually captivating and easy to watch...




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Written by Roberta Beattie Roberta is a copywriter for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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