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18 January 2022 Types of video

Music Videos: Trends and Techniques

From current visual trends to the masterful techniques employed by video production companies, uncover the artistry behind your favourite music visuals.

There's no denying that music videos have evolved far beyond their humble beginnings. They're not just promotional tools anymore; they're art forms in their own right.

And behind every jaw-dropping music video? A trailblazing video production company, adeptly merging trendsetting ideas with tried-and-true techniques. Let's embark on a rhythmic journey, exploring the trends and techniques lighting up the world of music videos today.

Current Trends in the Music Video Realm

  1. Nostalgic Vibes: There's a delightful resurgence of 80s and 90s aesthetics, from grainy VHS effects to neon-soaked scenes. Vintage is back, and it's making waves.

  2. Virtual Realities and Augmented Experiences: The integration of VR and AR into music videos is creating immersive experiences. Think holographic avatars or landscapes that transport viewers to fantastical realms.

  3. Candid Behind-the-scenes: Raw, unfiltered moments, showing artists off-stage and behind the scenes, humanise mega-stars and forge deeper connections with fans.

  4. Social Issues at the Forefront: Many artists are using their platforms to spotlight societal challenges, be it climate change, racial justice, or mental health, turning music videos into powerful advocacy tools.

Core Techniques Every Video Production Company Swears By

  1. Narrative Storytelling: While not a novel concept, a compelling story remains the backbone of many successful music videos. Crafting a narrative that complements the song can heighten the emotional resonance.

  2. Dynamic Transitions: Seamless scene changes – where one shot fluidly morphs into the next – can add a layer of dynamism and keep viewers hooked.

  3. Colour Grading Mastery: Colour can set the mood, amplify emotions, and tie scenes together. Whether it's the sun-kissed hues of a summer anthem or the muted tones of a melancholic ballad, proper colour grading is pivotal.

  4. Syncing to the Beat: This might sound rudimentary, but it's astonishing how syncing visuals to the music's rhythm can elevate the entire video. It's all about striking harmony between sight and sound.

  5. Diverse Camera Angles and Movements: From dramatic drone shots to intimate close-ups, a variety of angles and movements can add depth and keep the visual narrative intriguing.

Collaboration: The Magic Ingredient

Behind every iconic music video lies a potent collaboration between the artist, director, and the video production company. The artist brings the vision, the director shapes the story, and the video production company ensures that vision comes to life flawlessly.

Wrapping it Up

Music videos, at their core, are expressions of artistry, emotion, and culture. And while trends might ebb and flow, the essence of storytelling, creativity, and technique remains. So, next time you're mesmerised by a music video, remember to tip your hat to the video production company behind the scenes.

They're the unsung heroes, orchestrating a visual symphony that strikes a chord in our hearts. Whether you're an artist, a fan, or someone in the industry, one thing's for certain: the world of music videos is an ever-evolving masterpiece, and we're all here for the ride.

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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