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23 August 2018 Pre-production

How To Write a Corporate Video Production Brief

The foundation of a successful corporate video production is a well written brief. Discover how to write one.

A corporate video production brief is simply an outline of what you want in terms of a video. It's a set of guidelines for a corporate video production company to work from.

Writing a corporate video production brief isn’t very difficult or time consuming. A comprehensive one page summary is usually more than enough to get started.

Need some help? Your video production brief should answer the following questions:

1. The Purpose Of Your video

What do you want to use your video for? Is it a promotional video? Is it a product demonstration? Is it a training video?

2. Target Audience

Who do you want to watch your video? Can they be characterised in any way? What do they already know about the subject of video? What sort of things will appeal to them.

3. Distribution

Where will your video be shown or watched? Will you be using it on the web, on a DVD, or in a presentation? Will it be presented, or must it stand alone?

4. Content

What are the key messages that the video has to communicate? Is there a secondary use for this material.

5. Narration

How do you want your video to be narrated? Would you like a professional voice over, "talking heads", or a presenter to lead the video?

6. Style

Have you seen any particular videos that you like? How do you want viewers to feel when they watch your video?

7. Budget

How much budget is allocated to your production? If you have no budget then consider how much this video is worth to your organisation. Include VAT if appropriate.

8. Your Deadline

When does the video need to be completed by? Are there any important dates/ events that the production must be scheduled around?

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James Bryant

Written by James Bryant Video strategist and co-founder for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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