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How do top SaaS brands like Salesforce and BOX use video?

Video marketing is a fantastic way to show off your software, build a connection with potential customers, and prove that you're a thought leader in your industry. Here's how the major SaaS players do it.

If you're a SaaS business looking to demonstrate your software in action, show customer testimonials, and share industry insights, there's simply no better form of content for the job than video.

Even major players like Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft, and Box have all jumped on the video marketing train with diverse and engaging content. In this article, I'm going to take you through how they leverage video for their marketing strategies. 

But before we get stuck in, let's have a quick look at some of the ways software companies are typically using video content in their marketing:

Product demos
Many software companies use videos to showcase the features of their products in action. They create short videos that demonstrate the functionality of their software, highlighting the unique features that differentiate their products from the competition.

Case study videos
Customer testimonials are a powerful tool for software companies to build trust and credibility. By creating videos that showcase satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with the software, companies can convince potential customers that their product is worth investing in.

Explainer videos
Probably the biggest form of video content for software brands is explainers and how-to videos, to educate users on how to use their products. These videos provide step-by-step instructions that help users navigate the software with ease.

Video works particularly well for this, as humans tend to absorb information better when it's laid out visually. Plus, video has a bit of a knack for simplifying complex concepts. 

Industry insights
SaaS businesses often use videos to share their knowledge and insights about the industry they operate in. Because by sharing their expertise, they can position themselves as thought leaders and establish credibility in the market.

So, how do the major players do it?

Let's take a look at how some of the top SAAS brands out there make the most of video in their marketing strategies:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce (you know, that little cloud-based software company) is a big believer in the power of video marketing.

They've been using videos to promote their products and services for years, and have clearly seen some great results. These videos aim to help them engage with their customers, community, and prospects and convey their message in the most impactful way.


One of the best ways Salesforce uses video is by creating customer success stories. They showcase how their products have helped businesses overcome challenges, and they feature real people telling their stories in their own words. These videos are authentic and relatable, making them a great way to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Salesforce also uses video for thought leadership and educational content. They create webinars and tutorials that provide valuable insights and best practices for their customers and the broader business community. These videos position Salesforce as an industry leader and demonstrate their expertise in their field.

Overall, Salesforce's video marketing strategy is centred around the people most important to their business and delivering high-quality content that educates, inspires, and engages their audience.

They use videos to tell stories, convey complex ideas, and connect with their customers on a deeper level. It's a strategy that's proven to be insanely effective, and one that other SaaS businesses can learn a lot from.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is no stranger to the world of video marketing. In fact, they've been using video in their marketing efforts for years, and it's safe to say that they know a thing or two about how to effectively use video to connect with their audience.

One of the ways HubSpot approaches video marketing is by using a variety of different video types and styles to keep things interesting and engaging for their viewers.

For example, they know their target audience loves keeping up with the latest marketing trends, so here's an example of that from their 'HubSpot Marketing' Youtube channel:

From explainer videos and product demos to customer testimonials and thought leadership pieces, HubSpot offers a whole range of video content that caters to different needs and interests.

But it's not just about creating a tonne of video content; HubSpot also pays attention to how they distribute and promote their videos to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. This means they share their videos on social media, embed them in blog posts, and even include them in their email campaigns.

Plus, HubSpot recognizes the importance of creating video content that's helpful and valuable to its audience. They're all about Inbound, after all! They focus on addressing their viewers' pain points and providing solutions to their problems through their video content, rather than just promoting their products or services.

HubSpot's approach to video marketing is thoughtful, diverse, and focused on delivering value to its audience. Thanks to this, they've successfully leveraged video to build trust and credibility with their viewers, ultimately leading to increased engagement and conversions.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is a tech giant that's obviously no stranger to video marketing. One of the most popular ways they use video is by creating product demos and tutorials, which are designed to help potential customers understand the features and benefits of their products.

But that's not all. Microsoft also uses videos to showcase their brand and tell their story. For example, they've created a video about how technology has the power to help people with disabilities. This kind of content not only promotes their brand but also shows their commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Microsoft also produces corporate videos to highlight its culture and values. They create videos that showcase their employees, their work environment, and the initiatives they are involved in. This kind of content helps to humanize the brand and make it more relatable to its audience.

Microsoft's video marketing strategy is diverse and multi-faceted, ranging from product demos to brand storytelling to highlighting its corporate culture. And by using video in such a variety of ways, they're able to reach and engage with different audiences and effectively communicate their brand message.

4. BOX

BOX is a cloud content management and file-sharing platform that's been around for over a decade now. Video marketing is a huge part of their strategy, as they recognize the power of this medium in engaging and educating their customers.

BOX uses a variety of video formats, including product demos, customer testimonials, explainer videos, webinars, and thought leadership pieces. They also create videos that highlight the features and benefits of their platform, as well as how-to videos that walk users through various aspects of the software.

Here's a product launch video that Skeleton recently made for Box Sign!


One of the key ways that BOX uses video is to showcase how its platform can help businesses solve their content management challenges. They do this by creating videos that demonstrate real-world use cases and success stories from their customers. This approach helps potential customers understand how BOX can help them save time and increase productivity, which ultimately drives sales.

Overall, BOX is an absolute pro at reaching and engaging with its audience through video. By creating high-quality videos that showcase the benefits of their platform, they're able to educate their customers and drive business growth.

5. Slack

Slack is another SaaS brand that knows how to use video to reach its target audience. They create a variety of videos, from product demos to customer success stories, to showcase the benefits of their platform and how it can improve the way teams work together.

One of their most successful video campaigns is their "Make Work Better" series, which features a collection of short, animated videos that humorously illustrate common workplace problems and how Slack can help solve them. These videos are both informative and entertaining, which makes them more shareable on social media and helps to increase brand awareness.

Slack also uses video to provide educational content, such as tutorials and webinars, to help users better understand how to use their platform. These videos are especially helpful for new users and can also serve as a valuable resource for existing customers looking to enhance their productivity.

Overall, Slack's approach to video marketing is smart, engaging, and effective in showcasing its platform's features and benefits. With its emphasis on both informative and entertaining content, Slack continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping teams work better and achieve more.

So What have we learnt?

Video marketing is a fantastic way to show off your software, build a connection with potential customers, and prove that you're a thought leader in your industry.

Whether you're highlighting product demos, customer testimonials, explainers, or industry insights, producing videos can help you showcase the best features and benefits of your product or service.

They're creating high-quality videos that are authentic, relatable, and actually provide value to their audience. That kind of engagement leads to more conversions and better relationships with customers.

So, if you're looking to promote your SaaS business and build some serious credibility, following their example is the way to go.

Get creative, stay authentic, and watch the magic happen.

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