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3 August 2017 Video inspo

The Funny Side of Tech ft. Apple, Tesla, Wurkin Stiffs

Tech can be fun! See brands highlight the positive side of products in these 3 video ad examples.

Discover the funny side of technology in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Technology seems to be moving faster all the time. These days there are more and more new, exciting, and slightly scary developments vying for our attention.

But tech doesn't have to be scary. Many brands have benefitted from highlighting the fun, positive side of their latest products, here are just three.

This week's Video Worth Sharing features ads that use a touch of humour and the unexpected to bring out the fun in technology. So get scrolling.


Video Worth Sharing #26

Workin Stiffs | That 70's Collar

It can be hard to explain the benefit of simple products. To make your audience understand how their life will be impacted beyond plain features, it's important to pull out an emotional core, which is what Wurkin Stiffs do here. With a whole lot of groovy style.



Tesla | Fan-Made Ad

Recently Tesla ran a fan advert competition. The winning entry blends easy humour with an effortless overview of some of their electric car's best features. It doesn't have the highest production values, but it does show how Tesla can make your day-to-day life better.



Apple | The Rock x Siri

No, we can't all afford to have The Rock in our videos. But Apple can. In this bombastic new ad we witness an OTT day in the life, as Dwayne brushes up on his topiary, flies to Rome, launches a fashion line, etc. It's an interesting turn into the world of "branded content" for the tech giant.




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