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4 May 2017 Video inspo

Family Bonds ft. Imzy, Coventry City Council, Dairy Farmers of Canada

These videos celebrate the bonds of family, whether by blood or chosen. Discover heart warming stories that cherish our precious connections.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada create a surprisingly touching animation about family in this week's Video Worth Sharing.Our families are precious. Whether they're the people we were born with or those we grow closer to over time, we rely on family to help us share the good and get through the bad.

Enjoy the warm fuzzies with our picks this week. These videos celebrate the bonds of family wherever they might happen.

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Video Worth Sharing #15

Imzy | Community as ___ as You Are

When you find the right community for you, it can feel a bit like a second family. This animation was created to promote Imzy, a new social media platform set up by ex-Reddit employees. We love the broad variety of styles used to reflect all the different people you can connect with.

Coventry City Council | Giants

Prepare for your heartstrings to be plucked. This gorgeously-shot film reminds us that our siblings are often just as big a role model as the adults in our lives. An important message about fostering is told through a story that's simple yet packs an emotional punch.



Dairy Farmers of Canada | Mia & Morton

This beautiful animation has a touch of the Pixar about it. With honest emotion it celebrates the families that support us through thick and thin. Some clever visual storytelling means the entire tale of a cheesemaker and his daughter is told without narration.




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