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17 August 2017 Video inspo

Chaos to Peace ft. Salesforce, Sprinklr, The University of Phoenix

We're all looking for more peace in our lives, whether through an app or a candle. These video ads all illustrate transformations from chaos to peace.

Watch as chaos transforms to peace in this week's Video Worth Sharing.We're all looking for more peace in our lives, whether through the app that makes our daytime less stressful or the candle we light when we go home at right.

Some products and services change lives, some alter careers, and some just give us a few extra moments without stress or worry.

We celebrate them all here, with three videos that illustrate transformations from chaos to peace.

Come and relax with us in this week's Video Worth Sharing.


Video Worth Sharing #28

Salesforce | Without Salesforce / With Salesforce

We all know what it's like to work in an office that feels like it's falling apart at the seams. Salesforce help to stop that from happening, and they show it vividly here with an absurd, but strangely familiar, scenario. Their value proposition comes to life in just 30 seconds.



Sprinklr | Square Peg

This is less of a brand film and more of a brand manifesto. After watching, you'll know just how Sprinklr feel about customers, communication and community (though you might not be sure what they do). No voiceover is needed as a gorgeously textured animation does all the work.



University of Phoenix | To My Great-Granddaughter

Why do we work hard our entire lives? Often it's for our children, so they can have a better life than we did. This touching and heartfelt ad from the University of Phoenix taps into deep emotions behind why we strive, study and pass this attitude onto the next generation.




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