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3 Videos that Use Humanity to Build Trust in a B2B Audience

How can you build trust in your B2B audience? By injecting humanity into each piece of video content you publish. These 3 examples will show you how.

Build trust in your B2B audience by injecting humanity into your video content.The best way to connect with your clients is to establish trust, but that's difficult when you're trying to approach them through a screen.

So how can you overcome this hurdle?

By injecting humanity into every piece of B2B video content you publish.

Portray your business as real and personable through video marketing and you'll make it easier for your target audience to connect with you.

Plus, you'll build trust along the way.

Here are three B2B videos that effectively gain the trust of their audience by letting their human side shine through.


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1. Hootsuite: Bring Video into Your Social Family



By poking fun at the way marketers so badly want their videos to succeed, much like a parent would their child, Hootsuite is able to:

a) make you laugh, and

b) show that they understand the pain their target audience feel trying to nurture their videos towards their goals.

If you're able to make potential customers laugh at the pains of everyday life and relatable problems, while simultaneously showing that you "get it"... that's when you're truly connecting with your clients. Which means their trust isn't far behind.


2. Shopify: How to Overcome Procrastination



Shopify does a supreme job of gaining customer trust by building compelling content that doesn't even talk about their product.

Instead they welcome potential customers with a compelling piece of top-of-funnel content explaining how to overcome procrastination. This video takes a very human problem and approaches it with both sensitivity and humor. By the end the viewer is told that they can "sort of" beat procrastination through mindful meditation and a lot of effort.

If Shopify's viewers are procrastinating while watching the video, at least they're able to take away something new and helpful. And that creates a positive connection to Shopify in their brains, meaning they're more likely to trust the brand.

The video leaves the door open, encouraging potential customers to explore more of Shopify's content without being forceful. They have plenty of videos on their channel explaining their product, but by creating this interesting and relatable awareness-stage piece of video content, Shopify pique curiosity and build trust in their audience without pressuring them.


3. Square: Danny Davis's Success Story



In just 30 seconds, Square is able to authentically convey how they can help their clients by allowing Danny Davis, an existing customer, to share his experience.

He instantly humanizes the business by:

a) being a friendly face, and

b) describing honestly his days before Square and how the product helped solve his problem.

Danny used to use bulky machines to process payments, leading to paper jams and handwritten receipts. He talks about how, since switching to Square, transactions have become paperless, quick, and more organized.

This testimonial or success story video shows that Square believes in their product enough to let other people do the talking, and that goes a long way to building trust in their audience.


Round-up: Don't be Afraid to be Human

To recap, here are the core takeaways you can apply to your own B2B videos to help use humanity to better connect with your customers and gain their trust:

1. Show your customers you understand their problems and know how to solve them. If you can make them laugh while doing it, even better!

2. You don't necessarily have to talk about your product to get your audience interested in your brand. Especially at the awareness stage, it can be more effective to draw potential customers in with insightful & entertaining content.

3. Use people in your videos to add a human face to your business, whether that's your existing customers, your team or a professional presenter.

4. Sometimes it's good to step back and let others do the talking for you to help build trust. This is why testimonial and case study videos work so well.


27 of the Best B2B Videos Ever PDFInspire your own B2B video projects

Get instant ideas and inspiration for B2B video.

Download our PDF featuring 27 outstanding examples of B2B video marketing.

Download the PDF

Jonathan English

Written by Jonathan English Managing Director for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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