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10 April 2023 Trends in Video Production

Behind Social Media Short Videos and Viral Trends

Explore the global appeal of TikTok dances and Instagram Reels. Essential insights for brands and video production companies navigating digital trends

The digital landscape has shifted, and we're now well-entrenched in the era of short video content. From TikTok's catchy routines to Instagram's Reels, brevity is the soul not just of wit but also of viral content.

But what makes a 15-second video clip spread like wildfire? Let's dive deep into the world of social media short videos and the viral trends they spawn.

1. TikTok's Dance Challenges

Snapshot: Everyone from teens to grandparents has grooved to the catchy choreography set to trending songs on TikTok.

Magic Ingredient: Participation and Replication. The joy of dance challenges lies in their replicability. They're often simple enough for anyone to join in, creating a ripple effect across the platform.

2. Instagram's Reel Trends

Snapshot: Instagram Reels have brought forth trends like "What I'd wear in movies", where users showcase outfits inspired by different film genres.

Magic Ingredient: Self-Expression and Nostalgia. These trends give users a platform to showcase their unique style, drawing on the familiar and evocative theme of cinema.

3. Twitter's Fleets and Conversational Snippets

Snapshot: Though Twitter is text-dominant, Fleets have become a space for sharing short video reactions or thoughts.

Magic Ingredient: Authenticity and Immediacy. Fleets, being ephemeral, allow users to share unfiltered moments or fleeting thoughts, fostering genuine connections.

4. Facebook's Quick Laughs

Snapshot: Snappy comedic sketches or pranks that make users burst out laughing within a few seconds.

Magic Ingredient: Humour and Relatability. There's nothing like a good chuckle to brighten one's day, and when the content feels close to real-life scenarios, it's a sure winner.

5. Snapchat's AR-driven Visual Feats

Snapshot: Remember the viral baby filter or the dancing hotdog? Snapchat's AR filters have led to some hilarious and share-worthy content.

Magic Ingredient: Innovation and Playfulness. Snapchat's AR pushes the boundaries of what's possible visually, turning mundane moments into playful and shareable memories.

The Underlying Threads

Behind the kaleidoscope of trends and virality, there are a few common threads:

  1. Engagement: Today's audience doesn't just want to watch; they want to participate. The allure of challenges and trends is in their interactive nature.

  2. Authenticity: In an age of polished Instagram aesthetics, there's a distinct appeal in raw, unfiltered content. The less staged, the better.

  3. Novelty: Novel concepts or innovative use of technology, like AR, always have an edge. They give users something they haven't seen before.

  4. Emotion: Whether it's humour, nostalgia, or sheer awe, evoking a strong emotional response is key.

Wrapping Up

While the platforms and trends will inevitably evolve, the core principles remain. Brands, creators, or any ambitious video production company eyeing the viral crown should note: it's about creating moments that resonate, evoke emotion, and inspire action (or dance!). In the world of short videos, it's not just about catching the eye, but also the heart.

Emily Malone

Written by Emily Malone Marketing Manager for Venture — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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