28 September 2017 Video inspo

Apologetic Brands ft. Dove, Lynx, Hardee's

Brands aren't always bastions of good taste. These videos all try to make up for less-than-respectful ads of the past to appeal to a new wave of consumers.

Watch some conciliatory ads from apologetic brands in this week's Video Worth Sharing.

Brands aren't always bastions of good taste.

Especially when it comes to advertising, in the past many businesses and brands have been less-than-respectful in an attempt to stick in the minds of their audience.

But these days there's a lot of backlash to such ads on social media, in the press, from almost everyone it seems. In response many brands have tried to clean up their image and apologise for their past behaviour with more thoughtful and conciliatory video advertising.

In this week's Video Worth Sharing we're highlighting three such examples.


Video Worth Sharing #34

Lynx | Is it OK for Guys...

Lynx is famous for their adverts appealing pretty exclusively to teenage boys. For the last few years or so, however, they've been trying to clean up their image. Here's a somewhat apologetic video that tries to fix years of sterotyping and unrealistic expectations.



Hardee's | Carl Hardee Sr. Returns

Hardee's, the American fast food chain, have long been given flak for their pandering, sexist ads. This totally fictional rebrand does a surprisingly good job of making up for their past mistakes and making a new commitment to good, clean, traditional values.



Dove | Beauty on Your Own Terms

Dove has been creating "feminist-friendly" ads for over 10 years now, but not everyone has been impressed by their continual focus on how women look over and above everything else. This video tries to talk about the achievements of women beyond just their looks.




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