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29 March 2019 Video inspo

5 Awesome 3D Animations to Inspire you

3D animation: Engaging, evokes emotion, drives results. Venture's top 5 animations demonstrate its power.

Inspiration for content marketing can come from anywhere. And hopefully, today, it comes from the Venture blog!

As you probably already realise, 3D animation can be an engaging form of content marketing. The most effective animations evoke emotion from their audience, and as a result, inspire action and drive results for businesses and brands.

To demonstrate just how inspiring this content can be, the team at Venture have brought together five 3D animations that are nothing short of remarkable:

1. Outside

Professional 3D artists love to get the chance to play - after all, if they're anything like our motion graphics team at Venture, they love what they do.

"Outside" is a great example of this. It's a fun and creative way of showing how the 3D animation agency go about creating their work, even if it does simplify it down. It also demonstrates how 3D animation can be nearly seamlessly integrated into live-action footage.

It gets you thinking about the different ways in which 3D can be applied to real-life scenarios, whether that's adding in something completely different, or just manipulating what already exists in live action content to create something exciting.

2. Big Brother 



Big Brother is a well-known TV show around the world, and it's eye-conic (sorry) eye logo is instantly recognisable.


This snappy video collection was created by a 3D animation agency to build hype around the upcoming series. It's inspiring to see how many ways you can mess with a well-known logo, and still make it recognisable.

The promo does a great job of building hype and giving hints about the show without using the name (until the very end) or including any show footage. Alongside this, it would be near impossible to recreate these effects in live action, so the 3D animation business had the opportunity to embrace the weird and wacky (much like the show itself!)

There are plenty of ways you can get innovative with your business, brand elements in 3D animation, whether that's placing them somewhere unexpected, or morphing them into different objects related to your business. The possibilities are endless.

3. LG LCD Monitor


This promo is an oldie but goodie. When you're selling screens like LG, the best thing you can do is create content specifically for those screens.

By creating a bespoke piece of 3D animation for their brand, LG could ensure that the content would show off all the best aspects of their screen, making colours pop and presenting the audience with crisp quality.

This video uses a massive range of colours, lighting, and depth effects to instantly draw your eyes to the screen, and give you a quick and engaging demonstration of the quality of the screen.

It reminds us that it's so important to think about where your video will be shown - and how to make sure your video is optimised for any scenario. This could include posts on social media, big and small screens and mobile.

4. Europa

Europa used 3D animation video production to demonstrate how effective their service is.

Using 3D offered a comparison between a disorganised logistics company and Europa's organisation, without having to film another company being sub-par in Europa's eyes.

This 3D animation agency had complete control over how to portray an alternative to Europa, as well as being able to demonstrate how Europa's internal infrastructure works with ease.

The result is smooth 3D animation video production, which reflects the brand's colours, messaging and service with ease.


This is a pretty iconic 3D animated advert! It�s funny, and the purpose is more to entertain the audience than to sell a product.

The combo of the adorable little pony, the music track and the unexpectedness really make for something special.

Despite being 6 years old (what!?) the quality of the 3D animation still holds up. The 3D animation agency behind this really blew it out of the park, creating something memorable for years to come.


It's amazing what you can achieve with 3D animation! If this article has inspired you to include 3D animation in your business, please get in touch! Venture are specialists in 3D / 2D motion graphics, character, live action + animated interaction, typographic and hand-drawn animation and we would love to bring your ideas to life!

Written by Jess Percival Copywriter for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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