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8 October 2015 Video inspo

3 B2B Video Marketing Examples Just as Good as B2C

Don't subject yourself to a life of boring B2B marketing. Here are 3 examples of inventive B2B video marketing every bit as effective as B2C.

B2B marketing is always going to be a bit dull, right? It's the nature of the beast. Wrong! There's absolutely no reason why your B2B marketing can't be exciting, engaging and fun, especially when you include video in your marketing strategy.

3-B2B-video-marketing-examples-just-as-good-as-B2C_compressedRemember, your audience is made up of human beings, whether your business is B2B or B2C. And all of us humans are appealed to by media that is interesting, engaging and compelling.

Don't subject yourself to a life of boring B2B marketing. Here are 3 inventive B2B video marketing examples that are every bit as effective as B2C video, and the rules they follow that make them so successful.

1. Salesforce - Show Your Product or Service in Use

In a superb whitepaper, B2B International identifies 4 factors unique to B2B marketing. One of them is the fact that, generally, B2B products and services (and their applications) are more complex than their B2C counterparts. That's why it's key to show products or services in use in B2B videos, and why this Salesforce example is so effective.

It's an inspirational and aspirational video. But after setting up the problem their services solve (everything is so interconnected and there's so much data! How do I keep on top of what my customers are doing?), Salesforce doesn't just present their solution. They also show how that solution actually fits into everyday life, on phones, laptops, tablets. They show the interface and the things you can achieve with the tool.

By showing potential clients how a product or service works, they'll find it easier to envision that offering impacting their own lives and businesses. This also helps to allay client fears that your product or service will be difficult to use.

Salesforce also does a great job at showing people's faces throughout the video, as they use their service. This is another trick to reinforce the human benefits of what you have to offer. Don't just focus on close-ups of your product or service, give viewers a shot of the people using it!

2. Slack - Tell a True Story

Case studies can be a highly effective form of B2B video marketing. Slack really went above and beyond with this quirky example, which is a collaboration with video agency Sandwich. The video sort of shows the creation of itself, well, just watch it and you'll see.

Slack knew that the charm and appeal of a true story, albeit a highly stylised one, could serve as a great endorsement of their service. And this is true of all B2B marketing videos, whether they're case studies or not.

A true story told through video, with real people and events behind it, can appeal to your potential clients unlike anything else. Not only does this immediately build trust in your product or service, but the authenticity is also key to engaging your audience. After all, a true and honest story can grab viewers' attention and cut through other advertising in a way that's difficult for obvious or overwrought corporate messages. Many brands have embraced true stories in their video marketing, from case studies to documentaries.

Mind you, that doesn't mean comedy and exaggeration don't have their place. Just see the example below...

3. New Relic - Get Across Your Personality

Here's where the fun aspect comes in. To be heard by your target audience in the midst of hundreds of other B2B marketing videos, it's effective to create a piece of content that's inventive, creative or different. If you can show some of your brand personality too, you're onto a winner.

That's what New Relic did. Although the service in question is an analytics tool, New Relic still took the time to think of an interesting and amusing approach for this piece of video marketing. Remember how there's no reason for B2B videos to be less engaging than B2C videos? Here's the perfect case in point.

By injecting some humour and personality into their video, New Relic succeed at differentiating themselves and their service from the competition. Never forget that, even though you're selling to businesses, the people who ultimately decide whether to use your product or service aren't purely logical robots. Using emotional arguments to appeal to them still works. B2B clients don't just buy the objectively best or cheapest offering on the market; they buy from companies they believe in and share values with.


So don't assume your B2B videos need to be dull. Add a story, inject some personality and show your product or service in use and you'll create video content that is interesting, engaging and compelling. That's the first step towards grabbing your audience's attention and achieving your video goals.


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