Audience Insights and research

Using a mix of social listening, audience panels and industry-leading research tools, Venture will uncover data-led insights that help you understand the attitudes, interests and behaviours of your desired audience. We've got 5 Insights & products designed to help you get deeper audience insights with A.I, unlock new content ideas, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Find your people

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Audience definition

Find your people

Audience Definition

Here, we work with you to define your primary audience from a demographic, psychographic and behavioural point of view – plus topline segmentation. 


What’s included?
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics 
  • Behavioural Mindset


Is this for you?

Do you tend to make assumptions about your audience?

Is there a lack of definition around who is your target audience?

Are you unaware of your audience’s attitudes, behaviours, wants and dreams?


Go deeper with A.I.


Go deeper with A.I.

Audience Analysis

Using A.I., Venture takes billions of data points and turns them into actionable intelligence — including audience psychographics, behaviour, influence, content consumption and more.


What’s included?
  • A.I validated Audience psychographic profile
  • Online + offline media consumption behaviour
  • Key Creative insights based on previous online behaviour


Is this for you?

Do you lack data and insights about your customers?

Is your last data report 6-12 months out of date?

Do you struggle to turn your data into actionable insights?


Create content that resonates

Audience creative insights

Create content that resonates

Audience Creative Insights

Here, we'll develop specific creative insights and content pillars to inform any creative work based on your audience's needs and desires. With this, we'll be able to use an audience-first approach for your content and tie it back to your media plan.


What's included?
  • Audience-specific content pillars
  • Identifying your audience's needs
  • Developing creative opportunities within your audience


Is this for you?

Do you create a blanket campaign which you expect to work for all your audience segments?

Do you only know what demographics your audience is?

Do you create content which only works for one type of audience?

Unlock new content ideas

Content analysis

Unlock new content ideas

Content Analysis

Venture will analyse your brand’s post performance, identify high-performing topics, look into engagement, reach, key competitors and perform a social content audit. 

What’s included?
  • An analysis of your last 12 months of content
  • Stop, Start and Continue based on previous content performance
  • Identify high performing topics / keywords / themes 

Is this for you?

Do you struggle to come up with new content ideas?

Is your content failing to resonate with your ideal customer?

Are you spending your budget without decent ROI?

Stay ahead of the curve

Sector analysis and trend forecasting

Stay ahead of the curve

Sector Analysis & Trend Forecasting 

Stay on top of critical changes new ideas, audience trends, and consumer behaviour. Analysis of new and emerging sector behaviours and global macro behaviours.


What’s included?
  • Report on the most up-to-date information in your sector
  • Identified opportunities based on insight
  • Analysis of key trends

Is this for you?

Do you struggle to have time to keep up-to-date with all the frequent changes in your industry?

Do you need sector forecasting so your business can be ahead of the game?

Do you feel by the time you catch onto a trend, it’s already outdated?


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In 2016, cloud content management platform "Box" were looking for a video production agency that could take their video marketing to the next level. Today, Venture is not only producing exceptional video content & campaigns for the brand, we are also considered an extension of their marketing team.

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Learn more about Venture's ongoing relationship with Box.

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