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17 February 2016 Case Studies

ZEISS Vision Care: Innovative Measuring Technology App

With a clear product demo video we helped ZEISS Vision Care to launch their new measuring app and turn potential customers into confirmed sales.

Informative but simple and engaging, our ZEISS product demo video helped to launch a reliable new app and give their target audience enough key details before sale.

ZEISS is a global leader in the fields of optics and opto-electronics (they produce lenses and measurement devices - everything from microscopes to eye glasses). As a pioneer of innovative technology, they're always challenging the limits of human imagination with incredible new products.

The company wanted to offer eye care professionals an alternative to the time consuming and challenging process of manually taking accurate measurements when fitting glasses on a patient's face. That's how their innovative iPad app, the 'i.Terminal Mobile', was created.

Highly responsive and to the brief. Professional, friendly and precise team who fully executed the filming project in an extremely short timeline. Execution; on time and to budget."


- Peter Robertson, Marketing & Communications Director


The ZEISS Vision Care team decided to launch a new app during a major launch event in London, with an audience of hundreds of potential and existing customers. They were keen to make the most of this fantastic commercial opportunity.

That meant the team needed to encourage attendees to take action after the event was over. Their aim was for participants to sign up for the app, or request more information about the product.

ZEISS also wanted a video that;

  • Was highly engaging
  • Was produced to a high quality
  • Matched the company's brand equity
  • Was consistent with their other video content

We had won an earlier pitch for ZEISS Vision Care which sadly didn't go ahead for commercial reasons. But they were impressed with our professionalism and speed, so when they needed a video planning and producing quickly they turned to us (and we were happy to oblige!).

With the launch event just over a week away, we knew we had to move fast on the project.


Our first step in finding a solution was to research ZEISS' target audience. We discovered that the average event attendee would be reluctant to change their habits or take risks when it came to their patients, and would want to know the details of the proposed solution in advance.

We decided that a product demo video would help to answer any of the audience's remaining questions, effectively demonstrate the key benefits of the app and encourage sales.

The video had to be accessible and draw the viewer in quickly, but also provide lots of detailed information to lessen any sense of risk.

In order to make the video engaging and informative, our solution was to show the app working in real time. This allowed us to:

  • Highlight the speed and efficiency of the product
  • Display all of the app's capabilities
  • Enable the audience to envision themselves using the app quickly and easily

We worked closely (and speedily) with the ZEISS Vision Care marketing team to create a storyboard and cast acting talent. Thanks to our close collaboration, we were able to use the ZEISS Vision Care premises as our filming location. The team gave us the freedom to make executive decisions when needed to accelerate the production process, which helped to grow our mutually trusting partnership.

The shoot itself took place within 48 hours of the initial briefing. Post-production was then finished within 24 hours of the completion of the shoot. The edited footage was complemented with motion graphics consistent with ZEISS' branding and video conventions.


We delivered the product demo video on time to be shown at the launch event to over 550 delegates. As a direct result of the launch event where the video was initially shown, more that 100 ZEISS dispensing tools were placed within optical practices.

Thanks to the excellent communication throughout, the whole project took only 7 working days.

Highly responsive and to the brief. Professional, friendly and precise team who fully executed the filming project in an extremely short timeline. Execution; on time and to budget."

  - Peter Robertson, Marketing & Communications Director

Since the launch event, the product demo video has been repurposed as a lead generation tool on the company's websites for several different countries worldwide. In addition, the video is now being used by ZEISS for marketing and training purposes globally, and we look forward to following its successful journey around the world.


James Bryant

Written by James Bryant Video strategist and co-founder for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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