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5 April 2020 Video inspo

Creativity In A Crisis: Video Worth Sharing

Amid COVID-19, marketers face a dilemma: continue as usual or adapt? We've curated the best coronavirus-related content from the past week.

Covid 19 is taking up every part of our lives. It's on the news, on our social media - there's no escaping it.

This means a weird time for marketers - is there any point adding to the noise? Some brands have tried to take the business as usual route, which has seen backlash from their followers. It's a difficult line to tread.

The below brands show how you can make great content, either about Coronavirus or just about the current climate that's relevant to your audience...while not being ham handed, insensitive, or overly negative.



One Team by Budweiser is an emotional journey, celebrating all the key workers out on the front line during this uncertain time. Not only that, it touches on people working from home, and the different activities people are doing to keep them going during the Coronavirus lockdown. The video makes beautiful use of stock photos and images, and by switching them to grayscale with just a pop of colour, Budweiser draws our attention to the most important part of each image. They also use some user generated content to add an extra human connection in there. On top of this, the voiceover is impactful, succinct and hard hitting and the music fits perfectly. Basically....get ready to have a good old cry at this one.



This simple but effective video from gets the point across while still staying true to their brand and including their Captain Obvious character and usual humour. It would have been easy to make this ad with limited crew, while still practising social distancing to keep the crew and actor safe. It's likely they just had 1 camera operator on set to keep risk to an absolute minimum.





Google often pulls at our heartstrings with their "Year in Search" videos, and opted to take that same approach with their most recent video, focusing on healthcare workers, and the types of things people have been Googling in regards to the NHS over the past few weeks. The video is mostly made up of user generated content, meaning no film crew was needed to create the video - eliminating unnecessary risk! Although it's emotional, it's more of a "happy cry" type vibe.





Guinness takes the approach of encouraging people to still socialise over video conferencing. The video incorporates old Guinness footage, with new footage of people working from home, and still enjoying a beer (at sensible times of day, of course!) They have included 2 hashtags, #WeWillMarchAgain and  #WeWillToastAgain, reminding people that this situation isn't permanent. It's a great use of stock footage, text, repurposing of old content and making the most of lower quality new content that we can all relate to. 





This ad from IKEA is simple and straight to the point. It mostly uses footage and text, meaning it could be used in a variety of countries, with only the text needing to be translated (other than the short voiceover at the end).it focuses on all the reasons why our homes are great, and why they shouldn't have to feel like prisons during the Coronavirus lockdown.  Although the ad does not overtly advertise IKEA it still reminds you to stay at home...and maybe update your furniture if you fancy it.




Dominos Pizza. We deliver to your doorstep. from Bold Agency on Vimeo.


Dominos have utilised high quality stock footage, a relaxing voiceover, and good sound design to create this lovely and gentle advert. Like the IKEA advert, it doesn't feel like an obvious advert, until the end where it reminds you that you can still get Dominos delivered to your door, with no need to leave your house. The whole advert appeals to the patriot in us, and how this simple act of staying at home will help protect the nation.

If we've missed your favourite piece of Coronavirus content from the past few weeks let us know in the comments section below! 


Written by Jess Percival Copywriter for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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