Ultimate guide to finding jobs in video production agencies
1 August 2023

Finding Jobs in Video Production Agencies: Your Ultimate Guide

Find your dream role in video production! Explore top platforms and strategies, from industry job boards to networking.

Video production is a dynamic industry, constantly evolving with the shifting landscapes of media, technology, and audience preferences. Whether you're a budding filmmaker, a seasoned editor, or someone with a passion for behind-the-scenes work, the demand for skilled professionals in video production agencies is growing. But where do you start your job search? Here's your roadmap to finding your dream role.

1. Industry Job Boards

a. Mandy Network: Formerly known as "Film and TV Pro," Mandy Network is one of the industry's largest global job platforms catering specifically to film and TV professionals.

b. ProductionHUB: This is a go-to place for film, television, live event, and digital media production jobs.

c. Staff Me Up: Popular in the US, this platform offers jobs from PA roles to executive producer positions.

2. General Job Search Engines

a. LinkedIn: By setting specific filters for the video production industry, you can unearth various roles available globally. Ensure your profile highlights your skills and past projects!

b. Indeed and Glassdoor: Both platforms offer a plethora of job postings, and you can set up notifications for roles that align with your expertise.

c. Monster & CareerBuilder: Time-tested, these portals often feature jobs from top-tier video production agencies.

3. Networking

a. Industry Events: Film festivals, workshops, and seminars often offer networking opportunities. Engage, ask questions, and build genuine relationships.

b. Alumni Networks: Universities often have connections to industry professionals. Engage with your alumni network for potential leads.

4. Agency Websites

Many top-tier video production agencies list job vacancies on their official websites. Regularly checking the 'Careers' or 'Join Us' sections can lead to some exclusive opportunities not listed elsewhere.

5. Freelance Platforms

a. Upwork & Freelancer: If you're looking to start as a freelancer or wish to take up project-based roles, these platforms can be great starting points.

b. Behance: Owned by Adobe, Behance is not just a platform to showcase your portfolio but also to discover job listings, especially in the creative field.

6. Industry Publications and Forums

Websites such as No Film School, Shooting People, and forums like DVXuser or Cinematography.com often have community job boards, and engaging in discussions can also lead to job referrals.

7. Internships

If you're just starting, consider internships. They provide practical experience and can often lead to full-time positions. Many video production agencies offer internships to scout for fresh talent.

Summing up

Finding a job in a video production agency requires a blend of proactive searching, skill showcasing, and genuine networking. Stay updated with industry trends, continuously upgrade your skills, and be persistent in your job hunt. Remember, every role, be it an internship or freelance project, adds to your experience and inches you closer to your dream position in a top video production agency. Happy job hunting!

James Bryant

Written by James Bryant Video strategist and co-founder for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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