6 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Video For Your Business
27 March 2019 Video inspo

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Animated Video

Selecting the right creative approach for video content is vital. Animation can effectively communicate ideas, products, and processes.

 Reasons why you should work with an animated film company Choosing the right creative approach for your business's video content is key if you want to engage and inspire your audience - and ultimately drive results.

It's a decision you'll need to make very early on in the production process - and involves deciding on both the core idea that you want to communicate, and the visual style with which you plan to bring the story to life.

Some ideas, products and processes are simply better communicated using animation rather than filmed approaches - so it pays to give your choice of visual approach careful thought before you get started. In many cases, the use of animation or motion graphics is completely overlooked - which is all too often a big mistake.

For this reason, the team at Venture have decided to sum up some of the main reasons for using animation in business videos. Hopefully this will give you a better steer on things!


1. With animation - the sky's the limit!

Animation  can cover parts of your product  or service which can't be seen in live-action.  Animated videos for business can visualise your product in a whole new way.

A great example is Nike "sending" their trainers to an alien planet...which realistically COULD be done...but then there's the question of getting a film crew into space...you get the idea.

2. You can visualise what can't be seen, such as something very small or a product which doesn't exist yet

If your business revolves around complex science, tiny products, or you have a new product which is still in production - business communication animation can make these things visible.

It can sometimes be difficult to sell your product or service when it's not a physical entity, but animation can help bring your business to life and help your customers understand exactly what you do, and why you're so GOOD at it.  

And if you work with teeny tiny objects, it's really great to be able to show everyone your work without them needing to use a microscope.

3. It could help explain complex brand messages in a simple way

There are complex ideas in any business, with a select number of people who truly know the ins and outs. This can be a pain when you need to get this information across to someone who has no clue, like explaining Facebook to your dear Grandma.

Animation is a wonderful tool for simplifying complex ideas and presenting them in a way which can be understood by almost everyone. It could be used to present financial results to stakeholders or to visualise a new piece of technology. Basically, business communication animation is very helpful across a wide range of topics.  

The video below uses animation to explore Pi, which is, of course, a very complicated bit of maths.

4. Animation can tell every part of a brands story.

Are there parts of your brand's story which have gone unrecorded? Or, do you want to give customers or staff an idea of what your business will look like in 10 years time?


Animated videos for business have got you covered. It can be used to illustrate the future of your company or to delve back into the past, showing parts of your company which can't always be achieved with live video.


It can also bring a story to life when combined with the main narrative, written words, or a voice over. Animation can work for pretty much any way you are trying to tell a story to your customers. It can be used to tell ANY story, as it is exceptionally flexible and can be shaped to be whatever you want it to be, with fewer restraints than live action content.

5. It can be an efficient way to explain a product, app, service, or to use during tutorials

Let's face it, sometimes your business, product or service is REALLY complex. And that's great since there are plenty of people out there who have a need for complex services. But, this can pose a challenge when trying to explain your services or train someone on how to most effectively use your product.


Computer animation companies have the power to simplify your complex ideas into content that your target audience can understand, but still encapsulates the information you need to get across.


Animation often has the edge over live action when it comes to explaining or training, because of the way it can get inside a product and visualise less tangible features. 


A great example of an animated video is this video from Merck, going into detail about how their iCapture software works. This lead capturing tool is easy enough to use, but Merck needed to explain WHY it was better than competitors. They utilised animation to simplify the functions of their app, making it accessible to everyone, rather than bombarding their audience with detailed text, or filming use of the app over someone's shoulder.

6. Animation just looks REALLY cool

You can't deny animation looks amazing. You can create places that don't exist, show people invisible parts of your business and make literal magic happen before your audience's eyes.

In the example below, the UNHIDE Conference, the first event focused on Digital Art in Brazil, wanted to show the rest of the world the power of the creatives in their country. The result is a breathtaking video, which must have had everyone at the conference well and truly excited about attending the event.

If these 6 reasons have inspired you to involve animation in your business, please get in touch with us here at Venture! We have specialists in 3D / 2D motion graphics, character, live action + animated interaction, typographic & hand-drawn animation, and would love to create something amazing for your company.

Written by Jess Percival Copywriter for Venture Videos — a full-service video production agency that specialises in producing creative videos & campaigns that get real results.

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