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5 Charismatic Examples of Sales Videos to Empower your Sales Team

Video is a powerful tool for any salesperson trying to close those deals. Here are 5 examples of sales videos that build deeper, more fruitful relationships.

Sales and marketing are the siblings of the business world.

They fight all the time, they're always competing, but deep down there's a lot of love and mutual respect (deep down).

So when it comes to video in your marketing strategy, you don't want to miss out sales.

Because just like marketing can use video content to build more meaningful connections with leads and get them to the bottom of the funnel faster, so can your sales team.

Sales videos are a powerful and versatile tool for any salesperson trying to stand out in an increasingly noisy world. It's much easier to get to know someone when you're watching them come to life before your eyes, rather than just listening to a voicemail or reading a cold email.

Here are 5 examples of first-rate sales videos used in prospecting, outreach and relationship building that you should totally send over to your sales team to get them excited about video.


Video Content Marketing Strategy TemplateVideo Content Marketing Strategy Template

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5 Examples of Videos used in Sales to Prospect, Warm up Leads and Close the Deal... and the Core Rules they Follow

1. ACIS - Keep it Simple & Natural

When it comes to sales videos, simple is often best. This type of video, sometimes known as a video voicemail, is ideal for following up on a missed call or including in an email to give leads a pleasant surprise.

Here Tricia comes across as very personable and friendly, which might not be so easy to communicate via another method. She is clearly just being herself, it's authentic and quite charming. The video is several orders of magnitude more engaging than yet another bland message sitting in a lead's inbox.

Luckily, sales videos like this one are easy to film with a webcam or smartphone. They're incredibly simple but can have a big impact on your bottom line. Encourage your sales team to test out sending them to new leads and you might just see response rates skyrocket.

2. BambooHR - Express Your Personality

It's hard to trust somebody when you feel like you don't know them. One of a salesperson's most difficult jobs is getting across enough of their personality to show leads that they're honest and trustworthy without making the conversation all about them.


BambooHR decided to create a series of quirky videos introducing their sales reps to potential customers, and the result is outstanding. Forget favourite films or holiday destination of choice. This video goes straight for the funny, bizarre, and utterly memorable.

Immediately Preston seems like a real person. Anybody would be excited to talk to him. A fun, authentic connection like this goes a long way to making initial conversations with prospects much smoother and less awkward. Consider how you can get across the personalities of your sales team in a way leads won't soon forget.

3. Wistia - Educate Your Leads

You never want to waste a lead's time. When salespeople get in touch, they always need to offer something useful, interesting or fun. And that's exactly what Katie does in this informative yet friendly video.


This example is so smooth because it uses a seamless blend of footage of the sales rep with clean presentation slides. It's a little further on in the sales process, so Katie spends a few minutes explaining some of the most relevant benefits and features of Wistia's offering for the lead. She's never pushy, just helpful.

By tailoring each of your sales videos in this way, you can give them a valuable experience way beyond a templated email. They'll remember the person who went that extra mile to give them information on the topics they care about most.

4. Vidyard - Always Personalise

Speaking of personalisation, check out this sales video from Vidyard. It's actually an example from Terrance Kwok, Sales Development Manager at the company, but it's a great guide to follow.

Terrance dives straight into proving that he's done his homework, using a screencast to show what he's discvoered by looking at his prospect's LinkedIn and website. Not only does this immediately give credibility to the salesperson, it causes the self-interested part of the lead's brain to kick in. They want to know what comments the sales rep will have about them and their work.

Wherever possible, your sales team should be offering relevant suggestions and advice to every lead they speak to. This personalised service means infinitely more than bland, one-size-fits all communication with no real insight.

5. Terminus - Make Outreach Less Cold

Sales videos can even help with broader outreach efforts, although they need to be used slightly differently. Fed up of cold calling? Then try a warm video instead.

A prospecting video like this is much more personal than an equivalent email, even though the message might be pretty much the same. In this example Morgan sent a short, simple video to someone she wanted to start a conversation with, but thanks to how upfront and friendly it was (plus all its personal touches), it didn't feel cold at all.

If you want to connect with new people you've never spoken to before, try using a sales email as part of your outreach. It's a much more exciting and memorable approach that helps you to immediately stand out in the mind of your prospects.

Round-up: Build Deeper, More Fruitful Relationships with Sales Videos

Those were 5 excellent examples of sales videos that help to warm up those frosty leads, along with the key principles your sales team should follow when creating their own.

It's exciting to think about video can strengthen your entire marketing funnel. But before you dive too far into creation, think about how your video content will work together at every stage to communicate the messages your leads need to hear. That includes sales, too.

We recommend building a video strategy to help you plan video effectively throughout both your marketing and sales processes. This way you'll have an entire funnel of content that take leads step-by-step from first touch to closed sale.


Video Content Marketing Strategy TemplateVideo Content Marketing Strategy Template

Step away from confused, ad hoc projects. Create more strategic and effective video content.

Download our simple template for the planning framework you need to integrate video into your content marketing strategy.

Download the template

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